The Green Grass Grows All Around

Jed loves being outdoors.  He loves to lay on his back and stare up at the trees.  He loves the feel of grass. 
These are a few snapshots of us outside Friday evening.

This is my new favorite family picture

Jed and me.  He likes company in front of the camera.

"I love you, Little Boy!"


  1. Your little boy is so cute! I love these pictures of your family. I love looking at the pictures you post. They're always so fun.

  2. All of them are so cute! What a fun idea! That family picture is perfect!

  3. HOW CUTE ARE YOU AND YOUR FAM!! I am so glad that we have gotten in touch again!

  4. OOOOBER cute pictures!!! Blow them up and show them off!!!

  5. I am so in love with these pictures. He is growing so fast. :) I just used picnik like you told me to and my camera is a a cannon rebel. I love them both! Whenever I see you I'd love to take some pictures of that boy and your cute family. xoxo. Love ya

  6. I simply love your blog. You and your fam look so happy!


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