Quebec City

Quebec City has always been on our list of places to visit during our time here in New York, so Bron and I decided to pick up and go the weekend of July 23rd. Git r’ dun! Carpe Diem! We heard it’s a beautiful city, like stepping into Europe. It was all that and more! Quebec means, “where the river narrows”. The St. Lawrence may be more narrow there, but it’s still quite impressive.

Our first stop on Friday evening was to the gothically beautiful Catholic Cathedral Sainte-Anne.
Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Shrine

Next it was off to see Montmorency Falls nearby. The falls are 30 meters higher than Niagara, but with significantly less water flow. We had fun walking around the park there.
Montmorency Falls

To top the evening off, we took a scenic drive just before sunset around an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence river. The Ile d'Orleans was breathtaking! Home after beautiful home lined the shores and road. Better yet, there were wide open spacious farm fields. The locals on this island get to enjoy views of mountains, fields, and water all at once. It is definitely one of the most beautiful places on the planet to live!

Saturday morning we visited the fortified city of Old Town Quebec. It looked like Disneyland only this was for reals! The city has a wall and towers built entirely around it. We walked the wall.

Old Town

Atop the Wall

Outside the fortified city

Then we toured the Citadel. It’s the largest military fort in North America and still houses soldiers today. The Citadel was built beginning in the 1820’s to protect Quebec City from the Americans after we unsuccessfully attacked during the Revolutionary War and in 1812. Ironically it was never used in battle. Nonetheless, it was still remarkable to see.
Inside the Citadel, The original entry, and a cannon named Rachel

We were there!

After touring the Citadel, Bron and I walked around the Plains of Abraham; a battlefield turned into a city park. The flower garden was stunning. By that time I was about pooped. There’s something about being out in the sun all day, walking, and nursing, that just wears a woman out! So we wandered back into Old Town to get a bite to eat and see the famous Chateau Frontenac up close.

Family Picture in front of the Hotel Frontenac
Awesome boardwalk too

We loved Quebec City! The French Canadians have something of which to be very proud. And I think they are. Their license plates say, “Je Me Souviens”. It translates to, “I remember”: I remember my past and my heritage and who I am.

Thanks for an eye-candy weekend, Quebec!

Just Us!  xoxo

What Jed was more interested in: his toys!

P.S.  Feel free to give me suggestions on my photos!


  1. That's so cool that there's a cannon named Rachel! What an awesome city. Your pictures really look great. You have just a real natural eye for compositions.

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