Tribute to Mr. Handsome

The look of concentration while running his assay.  Doesn't Bron look professional using all that stuff?

My man is a busy man.  I might describe him much like the energizer bunny; he just goes and goes and goes!  Although his lifestyle is not atypical of a young graduate student, I think he deserves a little credit and recognition for what he does! 

My honey has a lot on his plate.  He's busy with school, work, and church all seven days a week.  He worries about grades and tests, his research and papers.  He worries about how to help our struggling church branch.  On top of it all, he has a hormone-crazed wife, a baby on the way, and finances are tight.  Even the energizer bunny's battery runs low from time to time.  It's been a tough couple of months.  Somehow, however, Bron perseveres! 

Somehow, he gets it all done.  And done well! Somehow, he mangages to make time for me and make me laugh.  Somehow, he still remembers to smack my behind when I'm being sassy and tickle me.  Somehow, he takes the trash out and fills his empty cereal bowl with water to make it easier for me to clean.  Somehow, he made an awesome Valentine's Day dinner complete with a tuna steak and cheesy red lobster biscuits.       

A Story for Clarification:
This pregnancy has caused me to crave chips and fresh salsa.  I made a batch of salsa and sucked it down in two days.  I made another batch, but ran out of chips.  Because we live so far from anywhere, a trip to the grocery store for just a bag of chips is out of the question.  The salsa was just going to have to wait.

One afternoon, I called Bron before he left Burlington and asked if he could pick up some thank-you cards because I'd run out.  I hinted that he should pick up some chips too.  Bron said he would just drop by the bookstore and they probably wouldn't have any chips.  Okay, I sighed.  The next morning as I was reaching for some cereal, I happened to glance up at the top shelf.  There, sat a plastic bag.  I opened it up and found a bag of chips and a box of my favorite gum!  (Perhaps the gum is a hint at my garlic salsa breath!)  I was ecstatic and so, so, happy!  When Bron came home for lunch he was showered with hugs and kisses. 

I realized that it isn't the flowers and romance, the sex, or our dreams and successes that make our marriage so good.  It's the little, everyday things.  I have not once ever doubted that my husband loves me.  He tells me everyday, but more importantly, he shows me.  He tries his very best in all that he does, and that's more than I could ever ask for.  I am the luckiest woman in the world!  The best part?  I get him for time and all eternity. 

This gets to last forever! 

I always want water in the cereal bowls, chips in my cupboard, and hands to tickle me. 


  1. so cute! I love those little things that husbands do that nobody else realizes how much it means to you except the husband himself. like putting water in the cereal bowls after.

  2. It is those little things that keep the romance and the love alive in marriage! Thanks for sharing what a wonderful husband you have!

  3. What a great guy! I know that sometimes I forget to realize everything that is on my husband's shoulders.


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