Birthday Girl

Twenty-five years old.  That sounds like I should be a real, responsible, adult, doesn't it?  The adult part might be up for debate though.  Hey, a girl always likes to have fun!  Bron made a scrumptious brownie dessert with melted marshmallows and frosting for me yesterday.  Thanks to family and friends for your thoughtful phone calls and birthday shout-outs.  They made my day.  

The Birthday Belly
About 28 Weeks
(Notice the high-heeled shoes!)

The real birthday celebration occurred on Saturday.  Bron and two of our friends, Anna and Roxanne, took an afternoon trip to Vermont.  I had no idea where we were going.  It was a surprise.  I love Bron's surprises.  They're always so thoughtful and let me know just how much he really does love me. 

Two hours after piling into the car, we arrived at Ben and Jerry's Creamery Museum!  I clapped my hands and was so excited!  I've wanted to go there for a while now.  We went on a short tour of the creamery and learned a little about the company's history.  Creameries are so cool and clean.  Bron loves all the chrome pipes and red tiled floors.  Then we got to sample some ice cream, one for me and one for the baby!  It was great!  Maybe this summer we'll come back to see the ice cream graveyard of dead flavors.


Next, we introduced Anna and Roxanne to our favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse.  Anna brought cowboy hats for the occasion!  It was a lot of good fun and good food.   

Roxanne and Anna

My Honey totally deserved a kiss for such an enjoyable day out! Thanks for a truly happy birthday!

P.S. Feel free to criticize my photography! I want to know if my colors are out-of-whack, how to take pictures in a dark restaurant, and how to hand my camera to somone else and still get the picture in focus.


  1. Happy Birthday Cuz! I wanted you to know that I thought about you on your birthday. Did you know you have the same B-Day as Justin Timberlake? He's 29.

    Oh yeah, I'm really jealous about the ice cream. That would be a birthday dream come true!

  2. Wow looks like you had an absolutely perfect day! Happy Birthday -- a bit belated. You've got me craving ice cream now. . .

  3. hmm ben and jerrys...

    i didn't think anything critically of your photography as i was scrolling through your post!

    one thing i have learned about taking pictures indoors is that without any natural light, you're pretty much out of luck with the flash on your camera. my cousin who's a "real" photographer told me the first thing i should buy is a nice flash. i guess the little ones that come on the cameras just aren't that great. so i think you did awesome!
    oh, and putting the camera on automatic focus both in setting and on the lens will help to make pictures in focus when someone else takes it, though that doesn't always assure that the camera will know what the subject is. (unless you want to tell whoever is taking the picture to make sure the little red dots that show up when you push the button half way down are on you...)
    that's my two sense, (but what do i know?) :)

    and happy belated birthday!!

  4. when you figure out how to hand your camera to someone else and get pictures in focus, let me know. the only trick i've learned is to look for someone who has a camera similar to mine and ask them to take the picture.

    happy birthday! and you look so cute in that red dress! i love it!

  5. awww... looks like you had a PERFECT birthday!! and your red dress is AMAZING! you're definitely not just a cute pregnant lady but a sexy one.

  6. Love the red Dress! You look so cute! I also love your blog makeover! SO CUTE! Not too much longer till we get to post pictures of our boys instead of our bellies!

  7. You look GORGEOUS in that red dress!! I love the heels too! Stunning!


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