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My friend, Heather, (thanks, girl!) tagged me to write out ten honest confessions about myself and to tag four more people. It’s taken a lot of thought to write, and as I read it, I realize just how weird I really am.  I just hope someone doesn’t read this and try to institutionalize me. So read on and take a peek into the thoughts and person that is explicitly me.

1.  I only shave my legs a half at a time. Those knobby knees always seem to take forever to shave and the pricklies are never bothersome under my pant legs. So instead of shaving my entire leg from ankle to thigh x2, I cut the work in half. I shave the bottom half of my legs one or two days a week and save my knees until it’s time to wear a skirt. Especially during the winter.

2.  I majored in Health Science, but my dream job is to teach violin lessons. I’ve been playing the violin since I was five years old.  My violin paid for college and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything! Playing my violin was so much fun! I didn’t major in music because I hate theory, the other really obsessed music majors drove me bonkers (and I was scared I’d turn into one of them!), and I knew I could always teach lessons from home with or without a degree in music. After college, I taught violin lessons for two years a few nights a week.  My little violin studio steadily grew and I loved it. I liked the challenge of explaining concepts in a way that my students could understand. Better yet, I got a kick out of watching my students progress and grow musically. It’s my own personal high and I’m addicted. Unfortunately, there’s not much interest in the violin here in our small community where parents are losing their jobs. Maybe the next place we move to will be more promising.

3.  I have zero interest in pop culture. When I first went to college, I had never heard the names of Armani and Gucci, or at least had never paid enough attention to remember them. My roommates were floored, but never made me feel bad about it. I cannot put many historically popular music groups or actors with their faces, and the current ones often elude me too. Oh well. I figure that kind of stuff is passing and mostly meaningless anyway.

4.  I love popping zits. There’s just something grossly satisfying about squeezing the juice out of something so ugly.

5.  I have perfect pitch. It’s a totally useless talent, but it’s a lot of fun! I can listen to a song and play it back. I can tell you what note your car horn is. But the talent is also hindering. I can’t sing the alto part of a hymn when the organist is using the simplified hymn book because the key is different and therefore the notes I’m hearing are different than the ones I’m looking at. Yes, it’s that severe.

6.  I’m scared of the dark. I’m afraid of creepy crawly things and burglars that go bump in the night. I once teased Bron that the reason he sleeps closest to the door is because he’d be the first to get bludgeoned. Unfortunately, there’s actually some truth to that. When Bron is gone overnight to a conference, I hardly sleep at all. The creaks and noises keep my mind spinning and I can’t settle down. Sleeping on the couch helps for some reason, so it’s getting easier. I wish I had a guard dog.

7.  I’d rather be cremated than buried, or at least buried in a giant tomb. Yes, it’s morbid, but I’m a bit claustrophobic. I know that when I die I’ll be embalmed and I know that it is scientifically impossible to wake up after that, but still, I wonder. I’m afraid of waking up and being buried alive. It’s silly, I know. It doesn’t make any sense. However, if I’m cremated, then I no longer have a body to wake up in. If I’m buried in a tomb, at least there’s room to move and breath. Maybe I can even have a cell phone and a book.

8.  If there’s whipped cream in the fridge, I use it on almost anything. Hey, I’m pregnant and I’m using it as a crutch to eat whatever I want! (With moderation, of course. Whatever.) Whipped cream just gives ice cream, pancakes, and waffles the extra umph they need! Also, chocolate and strawberries--smothered in whipped cream--make anything better!

9.  Cows are my favorite animals. I’ve liked them since before high school and I’m not really sure why. Ironically, I married the son of a dairy farmer and I’ve been living on a farm ever since. I now know more about cows than I ever imagined possible.  See what I've learned here.  Cows are actually delicate creatures. Now that I’m pregnant, I feel like I’ll be joining the ranks. I, too, will be using the “milking parlor” and trying to avoid mastitis.

10.  My philosophy on life: Obey the Commandments and then do whatever you want! Simply put, the Commandments will ensure your happiness. The rest is up to you! One size does not fit all. There isn’t one way to do things and do them right. So live your life your way and be proud of it! (For instance, if you want to be a professional male ice skater, so be it. I’m just not attracted to that kind of man.)

I hope this made you laugh and recognize a little weirdness in yourself as well. I tag:
  • My cousin, Rachel, because as we get older we seem to have more in common.
  • My friend, Lindsey, because she’s observant and always has something to comment on.
  • My friend, Nikki, because she is so cute and I love to pick her brain.
  • My sister, Lauren, because I know we’re very much alike but very different too!
If you think this tag is for you, try it! Happy Blogging!


  1. Wow Jessie! Im going to have to say how much you and I are alike.. lets see, #1-4, With #5 I don't have perfect pitch but I can tell when something is even the slightest off and it makes me cringe, #6, #8-9, and #10 sounds like a good philosophy to have! haha.. Im glad I tagged you!

  2. Hahahaha yes this is EXACTLY you. I love you and appreciate your weirdness :)I'm going to do it now

  3. Wow Jessie, you really are weird! Just kidding, I think we all have a little bit of crazy randomness to us.

  4. If I lived in New York, I'd love to take violin lessons from you!

  5. oh jessie, how I miss our mutual oddness.

  6. I should have known you have perfect pitch! You play so perfectly!!..I did know about the zit thing, though:)


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