No Snow and No Ice is Very Nice

While the rest of the East Coast gets socked-in with snow, we folks in the North Country have stayed miraculously dry.  I prefer it this way.  The view outside my kitchen window is awfully deceiving.  It looks like spring has arrived!  It hasn't.  It's still freezing cold, but at least there's no ice to slip on.  (I hope I didn't jinx us!)


  1. Really pretty pictures! I'm always glad I live in Thatcher til July and August hit!
    For noise reduction, it's on the tools menu under the NR/Lens tab. Lately, I've been running photos with ISO400 at 3-4 on both luminance and chrominance, and ISO 800 photos at 7-8. That picture of Grady in the tub was taken at ISO 800 then I ran the noiseware on it.

  2. Beautiful pictures Jess. I totally know what you are talking about with the baby anxiety too. I remember coming home one day when I was six months along and telling Wes I was too scared to do this. He just laughed and said: You better get unscared because there is only one way out. :)

    I think it is so normal to be anxious and a little worried because your life will NEVER be the same again. We go from being a bit selfish to our lives consumed by this wonderful, beautiful baby who needs our constant care. It's a huge and hard shift. But it is the best shift that God could give us. I am so glad He lets us get a glimmer of how much He loves all of us, because I can't describe how much I love baby Cache. :) I miss you. I need to see you and just talk! love ya

  3. yeah, yeah, yeah, brag a little more why don't you (hehe).


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