My New Hobby

I bought myself a new toy! Yes, folks, it's an expensive, professional grade SLR camera: the Canon Rebel Xsi. Isn't she pretty?

Friday night's purchase wasn't a spur-of-the-moment splurge. No, this camera has been meditated and contemplated on for months. I used to teach violin lessons after work. Two years later I had a couple thousand dollars saved up. At first I wanted a Yamaha Clavinova piano; it's electronic, sounds and plays like a dream, and only weighs about 100 lbs. But after much deliberation, I decided that I don't even pick up my violin enough. I need to. When Bron finally finishes school, I can purchase a real upright piano for a quarter of the cost. A camera, however, goes along with my other obsessions: scrapbooking and frames. And a camera can pal along with me almost anywhere. I would absolutely love to learn to take pictures worth scrapping, framing, and keeping forever. I want to take nice pictures of my future babies and my family. But better yet, develop a new talent and express whatever creativity I might possess. I'm really excited!

So today I took the camera out for its first test ride, er should I say, MY first test ride. I walked around the farm trying to capture the scenery I see here everyday and realized... I know nothing about photography! I tried to use various manual modes, but the camera's little computer is much smarter. The pictures seemed to turn out better on its pre-set modes. How does it know? I don't have a clue, but this I vow: someday I will know more about photography than that little computer and I will take better pictures too. Someday. This is going to be a journey, just my camera and me.

Until then, please enjoy the few snipets I did take of Miner Farm with my first attempts at photo editing:

Once a Cornfield

A Little Autumn Color

Can You See Our House?


Spider Webs!

I'm so happy to have a husband who supports me in any idea, hobby, or talent I want to persue. I always knew he would, and for that I'm grateful. However, I think this photography thing is something that Bron can enjoy too. He may even have a more natural knack for it!

If you have any suggestions, websites, or resources for me to check out on photography, please let me know!


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm jealous. I'd love a new camera, one that takes amazing pictures despite my lack of knowledge in that area. (which is basically zero)
    How much did you get yours for? Just curious. . .

  2. How fun! Your pictures are really beautiful.

  3. that is my dream! i've been wanting a nice camera like that for some time, and we're thinking about getting one for christmas! i'm so excited.

    dang, we are a lot alike!

    photography is the best! i don't know any websites yet, i'm just getting into my research of which camera i want. but my bro in law was telling me there are a lot of tutorials on youtube... i haven't looked into it much. we'll have to help each other!

    your pictures turned out good! from an artsy point of view, the corn field one is my favorite, with the focus on the corn stalk in the middle and the rest blurred. i also love the spider web ones and the pitch for and hay bale. beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! You do have great artistic talent. There's one thing that I learned that helps me when I'm shooting in manual mode. Looking through the viewfinder after I focus an image there is a little exposure compensation scale below the image. While the image is focused, turn the dial in the direction that the camera is compensating in. This adjusts the shutter speed until it is perfect. I hope that made sense. I wish I could just show you. This has helped me a lot.

    Also, try shooting in RAW format if you haven't already. The camera comes with software that allows you to change the camera settings, such as the white balance, after the fact when you shoot in RAW. You can then easily convert into jpegs using that software.

    These are two things I've been doing lately, and I'ev seen a huge improvement in my pictures!
    Have fun and good luck!

  5. I forgot to say that you're supposed to turn that dial until the compensation is at zero.

  6. Awesome!! that is one thing I will want one day too!! I love photography and when people know how to capture good stuff. i dont haha.
    Good stuff though!


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