St. Joseph's Cathedral

How in the world can a city just an hour from home feel so foreign? Oh, I know. They only speak French! (Though I must admit, some Quebecians do speak very good English.)

Bron and I spent our Saturday in Montreal. My lack of French aside, I'm really falling in love with the city. There's so much history and culture! Plus, it's quite pretty; there's a church or cathedral on every block. After our morning session at the LDS temple, we drove over to check out St. Joseph's Cathedral. It's incredibly massive and can be described as no less than eye candy for my camera. The cathedral very much reminded me of a landmark I once visited in Paris.

Bron and I toured the entire facility, from the basilisque to the tomb of St. Andre. The ceilings soared above us. I've never seen stained glass windows with so much detail. I also saw St. Andre's heart (yes, a real human heart) laid to rest in a special box. However, my favorite part were the rooms filled with warm candles lit for prayers. I would have taken more pictures, but that would have been irreverent.

We had a great afternoon in Montreal. I can't wait to go back to explore more of the city!


  1. The cathedral is beautiful! You like my new blog name? and yes you can steal my phrase. I thought it was corny so I took it off haha

  2. Wow! That is beautiful. I have to look really hard if I want to photograph something besides dirt around here! I loved your little rant about cows, farming, and society. Totally agree with you cuz! The arguments that really drive a small town girl like me crazy are that the world is getting over populated.

  3. The Nelson boys are great aren't they. I'm glad you had fun in Montreal, maybe that's somewhere Talon and I will have to visit when we come to NY. We're still planning that by the way, we just don't have a clue when we'll do it. I also like your previous blog. Talon and I have discussed a lot of the same things lately and have similar thoughts.


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