Day One

Today is Day One. Yesterday Pfizer officially closed the merger with Wyeth. We are now Pfizer. I arrived at work today to find brand new blue Pfizer signs out front, in my computer browser, and on my phone screen. Weird.

Is this a time of celebration and excitement, or anxious foreboding about our individual jobs? I think it's a little bit of both. The tension in yesterday's meeting was practically tangible and I think the CEO has a future in politics. He successfully managed to answer every specific question with positive, ambiguous answers. So still, no one knows what will happen to our site here in Chazy in the near future. Some people have a very bleak outlook. Still, others are positive. I like to err on the positive side by nature.

Inevitably, some people everywhere will lose their jobs. I want to cry for those who will lose their careers. What a blow! But that's capitalism. However, I'm sure most of those people are educated and talented and will be able to find something new. The worst part for people is not knowing; not being able to prepare.

As for me, this is just a job I have for now while my husband finishes school. It'll look great on my resume!

On a much cooler note, I got to observe in Repro yesterday! Some of you readers might think I'm morbid and gross. However, I know there are a few of you who would jump at this opportunity!

Repro invited me to see them open up a euthanized Dam (rat) and take out the babies. I can't believe a dozen or so fit into that tiny stomach! I watched and asked questions as the entire process was explained to me. Soon, I was rolling these little skin ball rat babies on a paper towel over to be weighed and placed on a warmer. They were actually really cute. Later, they were euthanized and then opened up under a microscope. I got to see all their tiny tissues! Repro is looking for malformations of any kind anywhere. Despite how awful this sounds, it really is neat because this kind of work prevents birth defects in our own babies.

After all that, I was taken into the back where I got to see some old specimens preserved in jars with fluid. It sounds like something out of a Frankenstein movie, but it wasn't. There were just a few on a shelf. They were colored skeletons of a monkey, chicken, rabbits, and even tiny conjoined rat skeletons with one skull. Sweet! How many people get to see that stuff?

Never, in my wildest dreams, would I have imagined myself at a job like this.


  1. part of me says "sweet!" part of me says "morbid." either way, i'm glad you're enjoying your job! it's makes a world of difference... i would know. ;)

  2. Definitely interesting. I think that's all I can say when it comes to dead rats. It does sound like a really cool experience though.

  3. Very cool. Your job sounds fascinating!


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