October in New York

Our lives are still plugging along with work, school, and church.

Friday night I had my very first Sinfonia performance in the Giltz Auditorium at the college. It was called the Prism Concert because various musical groups were situated around the auditorium. When it was our turn, a bright spotlight was turned on us. Each group played just one piece. It was a short but sweet concert. The idea behind it was great! And, of course, they saved the best group for last. (It wasn't us!) Bron and I both enjoyed it a lot. Plus, I love having an excuse to put on my long black skirt! Afterward, Bron took me out for a strawberry milkshake. He had a fudge sundae. It was a good evening.

We're well into Autumn now which means it's a great time of year for photos! Bron was an awesome sport. He walked around with me all last Sunday evening while I took pictures. Fortunately, nature is a more patient photo subject than husbands.

I've been experimenting with my camera and a little photo editing. Everything was shot in Manual mode. Thanks for the great tips, Rachel!


  1. Love the pictures!!!!! It hasn't taken you any time at all to figure out your camera.

  2. I'm jealous of the beautiful scenery you get to work with too!!!

  3. I'll buy one of those pictures from you :)

  4. wow. amazing shots! I like that one of Bron skipping rocks in the background. You are a really talented photographer!

  5. they look great! my favorites are the one of bron skipping rocks, and the last two! the colors look amazing... all the trees here are changing way too fast!

  6. Wow! your autumn looks MUCH better than ours here. Or maybe it's just your amazing camera skills. or both


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