A Day in the Adirondacks: Meacham Lake, Debar Mountain, Lake Placid

Autumn is here!

Bron and I arose "early" Saturday morning to head out to Meacham Lake. It was an hour and a half drive made enjoyable by all the changing autumn leaves. The road side was smeared in color: greens, blazing oranges, burnt yellows, and deep reds. There truly is nothing quite like a New England Fall. It's perfectly gorgeous.

When we arrived at Meacham Lake, we headed straight to the hiking trail of Debar Mountain. It was a moderately difficult hike that took us just less than two hours to climb. We ate our picnic lunch at the top and took in the magnificent view of the other peaks, lakes, and colorful trees.

View from the Top
Notice how Bron is wearing shorts and a t-shirt and I'm practically bundled up!

Bron Overlooking the Adirondack Park

On the Trail

Vivid Colors

Down at the bottom again, we explored the shoreline of Meacham Lake and took some more colorful fall foliage pictures. It's the perfect place to camp and relax!

Shoreline of Meacham Lake

Enjoying the Day Together

Next, we drove to Lake Placid. It's a cute, over-priced, touristy town that hosted the winter olympics twice. Bron and I strolled up and back down the main street, browsing through all the various shops. Of course, we couldn't leave without purchasing a small bag of hand-made chocolates and fudge. Yum!

It was a long day, but totally enjoyable and worth every ache in my legs and feet.


  1. can I just say how jealous I am right now! haha.. 1, I LOVE the fall colors back there. 2, I LOVE Lake Placid. I use to go x-country skiing every year there, but I would stay over in Saranac. How lucky you guys are to be so close to such beautiful things!

  2. THe picture of the trail is SO pretty!!!! I wish I could visit!

  3. I miss the changing colors! That's so pretty! Very picturesque!

  4. ahhhh... its beautiful there... i love places like that... but have yet to experience an actual 'fall' like that first hand... with all of the changing colors in the trees.
    glad you guys had a good day out

  5. So Beautiful! I just really need to come and visit you out there someday!

  6. You take amazing pictures Jessie, and I know you would absolutely love working with a new camera. Up til this week I've just used the kit lens that came with my camera. It's a 18-55mm f/3.5-5.5. It's a decent lens, but ever since I got it I've wanted a lens with a better zoom and a smaller aperature number. I just got a new lens that I used for the first time today. It's a 50mm f/1.8. I think it will be perfect for taking portraits, and the best part is that it only cost $98. I think you would also really enjoy Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. I have Elements and it is an amazing program! I would love to tell you everything I've learned about photography sometime. Maybe we can share secrets!

  7. yay! thanks for adding me. and those leaf pictures are GORGEOUS! they're so bright! i hear the north east section of the country is the best this time of year... my grandparent's served a mission in vermont and their pictures were incredible. i haven't been able to go up and see any here in the mountains, but hopefully soon!

  8. oh, and yes i have seen the cake wreck blog, i check it almost everyday, it's great!! so hilarious.

  9. ps.. I took one of your pictures and made it my background on my computer.. you take great pictures!


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