Summer's Last Blast: Labor Day Weekend

The leaves are just beginning to change colors. The temperature has been a little cooler and it has been sunny every day. I love this time of year! We enjoyed a simple but fun Labor Day weekend.

Bron was already studying in the living room when I arrived home from work Friday afternoon. He asked if I wanted to go on a picnic. Of course, I would love to get outside on such a perfect day! Bron had already been to the store and had everything prepared. Let me warn you: when Bron goes to the grocery store, he doesn't hold back. He buys the good stuff! Bron quickly put together some sandwiches. The rest of my "surprises" were already in the backpack.

We hiked out to a point on Lake Champlain to eat our dinner. It was sunny, and warm, and perfect. We sat and watched the boats out on the lake. Bron had me close my eyes as he pulled out my "half-surprise". Oreo cookies! But that wasn't all. Again, I closed my eyes. Bron then placed a plastic container in my open hands: fresh kiwis, strawberries, and pineapple! Oh, I was in heaven! My favorite fruits all crammed into one container. And Bron won't touch the pineapple; he doesn't like it. Wow. It was all done just for me!

Don't I have the best husband ever? I love my man! Bron spoils me on a regular basis with his thoughfulness. I hope he knows how much I appreciate him. It was so nice to have a date planned for me complete with sweet surprises. This is just one of the many examples of the things Bron does that shows his love and how well he knows me. I couldn't ask for a better husband. I think this little story says it all. I love you, Bron! (Now it's my turn to do something sweet for him, don't you think?)

Saturday was spent at the Champlain Valley Fair in Vermont. Miner Farm chose Bron to announce all the dairy cows from Vermont at the show on Saturday morning. Apparantly, Bron has a nice microphone voice. I think he did a great job!
Bron at the Microphone

After Bron finished announcing, we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the fair and eating fatty fair food with our friend Roxanne. We went on a sort-of scavenger hunt. We saw all sorts of animals, commercial displays, arts and crafts, giant pumpkins, a huge sandcastle, tractors, mobile homes, and dogs that could do tricks! It was a great afternoon. I love the fair.

Eating Dairy Barn Icecream


  1. How sweet! Sounds like you two are still honeymooning! You're going to have to get Bron to teach Mike a thing or two about surprises for his wife! :) Glad you had fun.

  2. looks like so much fun, and what a sweet husband! i love surprises... glad you had a great last summer day off!


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