Maple Syrup

Although I can't find large size jars of crunchy peanut butter on the shelves here in New York, (smooth seems to be the regional preference) I can find one of the best products produced right here in New England: Maple Syrup.

Maple syrup like this can only be found in specialty stores out West. Here, however, pure maple syrup lines the shelves like sentinels. This syrup isn't the watered-down, corn syrupy, preservative-saturated stickiness found in over-sized plastic bottles. No, this maple syrup is 100% pure and 100% yummy. It comes straight from the maple tree. I can't wait to see the whole process up close and personal this spring! And the best part is, a little goes a loooong way. It tastes great on all your standard breakfast dishes and even better on a scoop of ice cream. Who would have thought? I'm totally indulging in this sweet elixir while I can.


  1. i've heard that stuff is way good... we refused to eat store bought when we were little so my parents made it homemade... i'll have to try it someday!

    ice cream? never heard that one before!

  2. Yum! that is the best stuff!
    For the crunchy peanut butter.. we always got ours at BJ's.. its like a sams club or costco. I don't know if you have one of those around you..


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