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Tuesday I was mad at myself because I was tired and it was absolutely impossible for me to cook dinner, wash dishes, and fold the laundry from yesterday, all before I had to leave for mutual. Plus, we were practically in a state of emergency to go grocery shopping. I sometimes feel like I can never get anything done! I don't even have kids to use as an excuse! (However, I do have a tendency to make myself overly-busy though.)

So I climbed into the car--a little frustrated--and blasted an old CD from college. Twenty minutes later I arrived in Plattsburgh. I promptly pulled into Wendy's. I could have gone inside, but chose the drive-thru instead. Then I parked the car not 15 feet from the pick-up window... and ate... alone... in peace. I blissfully had it all: a burger, warm fries, and loud music!

The moment reminded me of my best friend and roomate of four years, Laura Alice. She would have been so proud if she could see me! Laura loved to go for long drives to occasionally get away, just her and her music. We called our room "the cave" our last year of college because she practically barricaded herself in. She read, did homework, and watched The Office on her computer, all from the comfort of her own bed. I love that girl and miss her so much! Laura didn't need too many people around; just the right ones; and we had a blast!

Laura Alice
I feel like I've grown to be much the same way. Too many people bother me, but I need a few good friends. Sometimes I LIKE staying at home on the weekends, doing nothing but sleeping in, catching up on house chores, and then doing whatever I darn well feel like!

It's amazing how liberating a drive with the right music and a little junk food really can be.

By the way, when I arrived home Bron had done all the dishes, folded the laundry, and lit a candle in the kitchen just to make it smell good FOR ME! It made my eyes water. No kidding, I almost cried! I felt a little guilty. Wow! What an incredible guy I've got! I don't deserve him.


  1. sometimes you just need time to yourself! I have done the same thing a number of times
    What a great husband you have! How sweet of him to do that all for you!

  2. way to rub it in. . . just kidding! I sure love the free time too!

  3. Aren't husbands the best? :) K-I MISS YOU AND LAURA SOOO MUCH! I laughed in my heart as I read about her long car rides and music--we did that a lot uh? We used to go running were my best running buddy because you never made a stupid excuse to get out of it. :) I love you girl! Hang in there....

  4. another way we're alike! i make myself overly busy as well, and then am always tired and worn out and don't feel like i have the energy to do anything that needs to be done! :)


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