Missing My Hubby

I can't sleep. I'm bored. I'm lonely. I've already cleaned the house. There's no reason to cook. I exercise, job search, scrapbook, and watch movies. I never realized how much my life revolves around Bron's life. There's no way I could ever live alone.

Bron is in Montreal at the American Dairy Science Association conference until Thursday. (It obviously has international appeal if it's in Canada this year.) He left Sunday. I couldn't help crying when I climbed in the car to go to church; I wouldn't see him again for five days. It's the longest we've ever been apart. (I'm such a sap!)

I'm sure he misses me too, but he's filling his time listening to various presentations, eating out, and seeing the sights with other students and staff. I should have sent him with the camera.

There is, however, one simple redeeming feature to this separation. I have an excuse to watch CHICK FLICKS and eat JUNK FOOD with the girls! I invited some girls who work here at Miner to come over Sunday evening for just that. We ate big soft pretzels, cake, and popcorn. It was a lot of fun! I've been wanting an excuse to get to know them better.
Maybe we'll do it again. :)

Many of the people living here at Miner are working for the institute, are undergraduate interns, or are students getting their masters, Ph.D., or post doctorate degrees. Everyone is about our age, give or take a few years. In the evenings we often get together for BBQ's, pizza and bowling, volleyball, and tennis. It's a lot of fun sometimes. We're lucky to have a group of friends so instantly. So I'm not alone.

But I still miss my husband. Nobody can replace his friendship. I NEED him.


  1. I can definitely sympathize! It's kind of what being a stay-at-home mom is like. Scrapbook, watch movies, eat. . . (just forget the exercising and add in a few dirty diapers here and there) Hope the job hunting goes well and the days go by quickly for you!

  2. while jeff and i were dating/engaged, he did alot of traveling (not anymore thank goodness) but sometimes he would be gone up to 3 weeks out of a month during the busy season of his work... it sucked, but it made it so much better when he was home.

  3. Hi Jessie! I'm so glad you introduced yourself. Your blog is awesome. I'll definitely be visiting often. But I just had to say I TOTALLY sympathize with the whole temporarily MIA hubby thing. Jake just got back from two weeks of science conferences, and it's a good thing because I was about to go off the deep end without him. They must never know what sadsacks we are without them!

  4. Aww Jessie...I am so sad for you! I wish I could be there! Normally it's the other way around for me and Don. I go on choir tours and Don is left at home, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't bother him as much as it would bother me cause he gets to play video games for hours on end without me pestering him haha.


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