Bron's Hair

I cut Bron's hair for the very first time! It's the first time I ever cut anyone's hair, actually. Bron has a full head of nice thick auburn hair that looks best when it's a little longer. His Aunt has always cut his hair and gave me just one lesson on how to properly cut it before we moved. Last night Bron coached me through on what areas needed to be shorter. It took an hour and half, but I did it! This is the result.


Mr. Handsome Handsome!

So it's not perfect. Don't look too closely! But I'm pretty darn proud of myself. Cutting Bron's hair took a lot of guts!


  1. Bron's got gorgeous locks! Good job, Jessie! Don's is a bit easier I must say...I just buzz his whole head! Have fun in Catalina and say hi to Ho for me!

  2. It looks good. Next time maybe you could texturize his bangs a little to break up the line. It might be too much for you but you'll get better everytime you cut it! But for the first time, good job.


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