Success at Last

I have a job! It's been a boring few weeks. I finally received an official invitation to work for Eye Care for the Adirondacks. So I'll be working for an ophthalmologist office... again. But hey, I'm stoked! It's very similar to the office that I just came from, except that it's much much bigger. There's nothing better than working for doctors. I get great hours, good pay, and it looks like I'll be working with some fun girls. Plus, I get to wear scrubs again. I love not thinking about what to wear to work. Soon I'll know all the aspects of an ophthalmologist office!

I also auditioned for the Sinfonia; it's the local orchestra in Plattsburgh. I am now their new concert mistress (master). I have mixed feelings about this... But I am glad to have an excuse to play my violin again. I've missed it.


  1. WOW concert mistress!! That's amazing. remind me never to play with you, I'll sound like I don't know what I'm doing.
    And Congratulations on the job! Good luck!

  2. any excuse to be called a mistress, i would be excited about.
    have fun in another office- thats very exciting!

  3. Tell your new boss I would like lasik for free please haha. And congratulations on being the concert mistress! My sis is so talented..I'm so proud! Why do you have mixed feelings? It'll keep you busy and keep your mind off having babies haha

  4. I miss playing my violin too!! Im sure you will have a ton of fun both playing and working!


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