Confessions of a Young Mother

Blogs have a tendency to make lives look perfect, but we all know they’re not. My everyday reality is a little different from what I think is portrayed on this blog sometimes and I just want you to know about it. I want to “keep it real”! At least for today. So here are a few confessions about me:

1. I HATE the month of March. I dread the six weeks between Valentine’s Day and April 1st every year. Those weeks are freezing, snowy, muddy, and gray. It’s just downright depressing. I am dying for some sunshine, but it’s too cold to play outside. Being cooped up in the house all winter long drives me crazy. If I could, I’d hibernate.

2. I never make the bed. Ever. Why make it if I’m just going to climb back in it that night? Poor excuse, I know. My own mother would be so embarrassed. Someday I will have to start being a good example though if I want to teach Jed to make his bed.

3. Two things bother me: clutter and a dirty kitchen. Our entire home revolves around meals and the kitchen. The kitchen seems to be in constant use. Therefore, it must be clean. I don’t like going to bed with dirty dishes in the sink, but it happens anyway.  (Remember, I have no dish washer.  I am the dish washer.)

4. Nursing is the only reason I am skinny again.  I want to nurse FOREVER!  (Note: I plan on weaning Jed around his first birthday anyhow.  I don't want to be one of those weird ladies that nurses her child until he is five.)

5. Instead of sweats, I sometimes wear scrubs. Weekly. What’s the difference? I don’t think there is any. They just feel so good!

6. I wear makeup as often as I don’t wear it. That means I wear makeup about half the time. Poor Bron. Half the time he gets to see his wife in jeans, a t-shirt, and a pony tail. It’s hard to motivate myself to look amazing when I’m spending my day with Jed around the house (who seems to want me no matter what I look like!) and feeding calves in the evening. But I do make a point to wear makeup when I go to town. And I still LOVE dolling myself up for Bron every once in a while.

7. Whenever I think of church, I feel bitter and angry. The Gospel is true, without a doubt! The church—with all its needy weird members—however, isn’t. Or at least it really feels that way to me.  I need to change my attitude because I know it will eat me alive. But it’s very hard. I love my young women and look forward to seeing a handful of people at church each week. Otherwise, I spend my time avoiding people as much as possible. Sundays are so backwards! But I will stop complaining here because I could write an entire book about how dysfunctional our branch and the people in it are. It blows my mind to think of how Heavenly Father truly loves everyone. I have a lot to learn about that.

8. I must be an awful mother because I often let Jed chew on items he probably shouldn’t. I do my best to keep plastic, candy wrappers, dead flies, and the like off the floor and out of his reach, but I don’t worry very much when he’s gnawing on my lip gloss or a fat pen. I figure I have to pick and choose my battles. I just pray that God will protect my baby boy and help me raise him into adulthood because I know I can’t do it by myself.

9. Our Daily Routine: I often wonder what other mothers do for their daily routine. I hope I am a good mother and am doing everything “right” for my little boy. So this is what we do: Wake up. Eat breakfast. When the weather turns warm, I hope this is when Jed and I can go running outside! Mornings are also the time of day when I am most productive and Jed is most content to entertain himself. So this is when I take an hour or so and get some kind of chore done: dishes, the bathroom, vacuuming, etc. I try to do one or two things each day. Then by Friday there is nothing left to do or I am pooped and I take it easy all weekend. I read Jed some books and put him down for a nap around 10:30AM. That’s when I hop in the shower… or take a nap too. Jed usually sleeps long enough for me to read or do something that I enjoy; in other words, something non-productive. When Jed wakes up, it’s time for lunch. Lucky us, Bron sometimes comes home for lunch! Then the rest of the afternoon is open to play! Jed and I often visit Amy at the library, dress up warm and go down to the barn, or play with toys on the living room floor. I can’t wait for the weather to change! We can go on long walks, spend more time on the farm, go to the park, and best of all, go swimming at the lake! Jed gets a mid-afternoon snack and I start getting dinner ready around 4:00PM if I have to work that night. Otherwise, I wait until 5:00PM. I am a fan of 30 minute meals. And crock pots. Then I’m off to feed calves and Bron takes over, or some nights I get to stay home. Whether I’m home or not, Jed has the same bedtime routine: bath, book, (boob), bed. He goes down around 7:00PM. Then it’s time to party all evening! Or work. I get home around 9:00PM these days. Bron does homework. We usually talk for a long time too. I love to read or scrapbook. Then we do it all over again the next day!

10. I love being a mother!  I feel very lucky to be able to stay at home all day with Jed and enjoy every little moment.  I also have a man who loves me and understands me and makes me sooo happy.  Life is good.

If you’re up for it, I’d love to read about what your everyday life and routine is like! (I’d like more ideas.) What are your "confessions"?

I have a sneaking suspicion many moms are much like me… at least I hope so.


  1. I like your blog. Our daily routine goes something like 1-waking up and eating cheerios and juice on my lap while we watch cat in the hat or curious george while i try to wake up. i also try to straighten up or clean in the morning while mitch helps. naptime while i shower and usually just surf the web or something not really productive, then lunch time and play time and each afternoon we try to do something different. this might mean going to a store or driving SOMEWHERE (to get out of the house) then come back,snack time with more playing, maybe a mini nap and prepare dinner and play until 7 when lee gets home. i definitely agree with you about hating march. i am more than ready to get out the house!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah!!!

  2. Yes, you and I are very alike, as least as far as how our days go! I've wanted to write something like this on my blog for a while. I think I will take up your challenge. I don't like March much either. The weather is beautiful here, except for the hurricane force winds. Clutter doesn't bother me too much, but it drives Ty crazy, so I clean it up. That is the only reason I do it. The only reason I nursed my kids so long was because it was free- yep no great a noble motives I just didn't want to pay for formula! I wear make-up about 3 or 4 days a week at the most. My hair is in a pony tail all summer. Even though we live in a Mormon community, there's not a Sunday that goes by that I'm not disapointed or let down by members. I love being a mom too- especailly when my children are sleeping! :)

  3. Oh man--what to say!
    I'm sooo with you with hating March. But I usually round that up to about Mid January through, oh, about June. Why we still live in cold miserable Idaho I will never know :) You definitely sound like you've got things going quite smoothly actually--you actually HAVE a routine. I find myself just doing what I can to stay sane; a little feeding, a little cleaning, a little cuddling, a little relaxing, a little teaching, and a lot of interaction. (Oh, and probably a little threatening and disciplining thrown in there too.) Then rinse, and repeat. I most often don't do what needs done or even what I had planned but I've learned that that's what makes mommyhood difficult. Being patient and happy through it all. It must be an important lesson since Heavenly Father wants us to learn it so well :)
    you're doing awesome--and ponytails ARE sexy
    (I know, my husband tells me that all the time)

  4. I completely agree. Blogs tend to sugar coat our lives, making things seem perfect. I know I'm guilty of this and it happens often with my blog, since I try not to complain publicly...

    Right now my life is in complete array. My confession is I have no idea what I'm doing and am totally overwhelmed! ;) Between a 2 week old baby, recovering from a c-section, and having a husband who had surgery yesterday and can't help me do anything let alone get anything for himself, I'm not sure what normal life/routine is. But I'll let you know when I figure it out! :)


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