Artifact Motherhood | Two at Home is Still a Handful

I deceived myself going into the school year.  With two boys in school full time, I thought I would be able to get some things done with just half my children at home during the day.  How wrong I was!  Two is still a handful.  I'm currently in that phase of life where taking a shower is risky business.  I can never be sure what messes and mischief await me when I step out!  So at 12:45PM every afternoon when Conrad is at preschool and Ezra is down for a nap, I suddenly find myself hands free in a quiet house for 90 blissful minutes.  I have a decision to make: Do I use that time to conquer a chore or do something for myself?

And therein lies my problem.

Fortunately, I am seasoned enough to know that this is just a phase; it will pass too quickly.  So I grab my camera to document the mischief.  I relish how their little hands feel in mine.  I try to really listen to Conrad's high pitched voiced as he spews questions and ideas all day long that make me laugh.  And I savor every time Ezra falls asleep in my arms... because someday I'll have enough time for both the chores and myself.

Right now, my time belongs to them. 


This is Artifact Motherhood -- a project shared with other female artists who are documenting our journeys as mothers and creating memories for our children through our photographs and words.

Please visit the next wonderful artist CARLA MONGE to read her post in our blog circle.


I was preoccupied for ten minutes first thing in the morning after Ezra woke up.  Apparently, he took getting breakfast into his own hands by scooching a stool across the kitchen and climbing onto the counter to eat an overripe banana and play with the spices.  Such a mess! 

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