New Carpet for Our Little House Remodel

We're finishing up a little house remodel.  Bron discovered some new DIY skills he didn't know he had by creating a new wall and closet and repainting the big boys' new bedroom.  He even moved some light switches.  To top it off, we bought brand new carpet throughout the whole house.  Woohoo!  All this change has me purging and reorganizing everything.  (I'm hoping that keeping just a third of the boys' toys and clothes will help keep our home feeling less cluttered.  Less is more: less clean up = more time to enjoy life.  Right?  Crossing my fingers.)  The change also has me itching to update the decor in my living room.  I'm ready for some fresh items that make this space feel a little more modern and like us.  So I'm just saving my pennies and waiting for Hobby Lobby to move into town.   In the mean time, we all look a little like Conrad up there, star-fished out enjoying the soft clean new carpet!

My favorite set of piggies.  Conrad laughs hysterically when I pretend to smell them and act like they're super stinky.  So it's now our favorite game to play every time I get him ready for bed.  This kid is the best.

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