Conrad on the Playset and a Quick Update

The weekend consisted of a photo shoot in Pocatello turned date night/road trip with Bron, lacrosse games in Boise amid a microburst wind storm (we lost one and won one) and Levi getting a half inch gash on his head as we're already running late for church!  The good news is that he managed not to get any blood on his white shirt.  WHY DO THEY ALWAYS BLEED BEFORE CHURCH?!?

The week prior, I found all three of them playing in the front yard in their church clothes.  Conrad was just doing his thing, Levi was sunbathing on the courtyard wall, and Jed was sharpening swords (aka sticks) using his bike tire. It was quite the sight!  This crazy life with little boys is keeping me on my toes, but I sure am enjoying it.

^^Conrad scaling the playset ladder for at least the 50th time; it's his new trick.  I'm half terrified every time I watch him!  But he's pretty confident.  And strong.^^

I'd love to capture how motherhood makes me feel in word or picture, but I never will.  It's the way Conrad lights up when I walk into the room, his sweet miniature hands on my cheek, his open mouthed smile and the way he waves before careening down the slide.  They're all very little details that bring me overwhelming contentment and joy.  Living in and enjoying the present moment while I still have a baby.

P.S. Our grass looks like shag carpet right now, don't you think?

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