Jed's 8 Year Old Photos and a Special Letter

Dear Jed,

Today is your 8th birthday and I am a surprisingly hot mess about it all.  Where did all the time go?  I dreamed of this day and now here it is!

I remember holding you in my lap the day after you were born and thinking, "What did I do?  I just ruined my life!"  The weight of responsibility for this tiny baby just felt crushingly heavy.  Little did I know that April 25, 2010 actually marked the beginning of a joyous ride.  I have never felt more purpose or joy as I do in being a mother--your mother.

Jed, you have one of the biggest and most caring hearts on earth.  I know for a fact in my own heart that you are meant to be our oldest child.  You are naturally obedient and want to do what is right.  You are a sponge, soaking up all sorts of knowledge.  As we read the scriptures together, I often stop to ask you questions and you reply with surprising understanding.  You are meant to be the leader of our trio of boys, Jed.  I know the Lord has great trust in you, just as I do.

Jed, you have come so far this year!  Something clicked at school way back in September.  You suddenly matured emotionally.  No more fits; that just wastes time and gets you no where.  Instead, you learned to grind those gears and made huge leaps forward academically.  I am so proud of your work ethic at school.  It will come in handy one day.  You are so smart, Jed.  I know you can do anything you put your mind to.

This year you were in the throes of elementary school sports.  You played soccer in the Fall and wrestled and swam in the winter.  Next up is baseball season!  You also labored away at learning to play the ukulele with weekly lessons every Friday after school.  Though practicing is half torture for you, I'm impressed with how far you've come!  I can tell you've developed some personal pride in playing an instrument.  Hooray!  Perhaps I'll pass down some musical knowledge and talent after all.

Jed, you have a keen and creative mind.  You're always cutting and coloring and gluing and taping.  (The paper clutter drives me nuts, by the way.)  And your Lego creations often blow me away!  From hover craft to dinosaurs, I love your big imagination and that the possibilities are limitless.  It sometimes makes me wonder what career path you'll choose one day.

You remind me so much of myself at times.  You're friendly and outgoing and very naive.  (It's a good thing.)  You thrive on routine.  You're the first in our house to wake up, bright eyed and happy every morning.  And you're super flexible.  I mean, you can still put both feet behind your head!  But you're also something I'm not: witty.  Every now and then you throw out a one-liner that makes your dad and I guffaw and laugh out loud.  You can be so silly and goofy! 
Jed, you love to laugh and have fun.  You face your fears head on.  Sometimes you succeed in overcoming them and sometimes you don't, but you always seem to try and try again.  I pray every day that I am enough for you, my smart, big hearted, friendly, and determined little boy with an eye for detail.  You make me so proud and just plain happy.

I love you always,


A huge piece of my heart and soul right here. I took Jed out for some obligatory 8 year old pictures and now I'm a puddle on the floor. There are no words adequate to describe what I see in that young face.

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