This is Halloween 2017

Another exciting and candy-filled Halloween is over and down in the books.  The boys had so much fun this year.  I love that Jed and Levi can pick a costume theme, actually agree on it, get super excited, and stick to it!

This season, Jed and Levi wanted to be characters from Guardians of the Galaxy.  They happened to choose their theme just as the second movie made it to Red Box.  Naturally, we had a movie night with popcorn to watch it--crude jokes and all.  Ooops.  Mom fail; I should have previewed it.  Fortunately, most of those crude references seemed to whisk right over their innocent little heads.  Haha.  Whew!      

It was Conrad's very first Halloween!  He just began walking this month.  I actually thought he'd make a better Frankenstein with that funny little hands-in-the-air toddle than anything else, but he didn't have a choice.  Conrad is a member of the Nelson trio and therefore a part of their shenanigans.  It's so strange to think I was hugely pregnant just last year.  And now my baby is walking!  After handing Conrad a lollipop, he surprisingly caught on to the festivities as well.  Conrad insisted on a combination of walking and crawling up to the front door for candy with everyone else!  Smart kid.

^^Happy Halloween from the Guardians of the Galaxy: Groot, Star Lord, and Rocket.^^
^^Jed as Groot.^^
^^Levi as Star Lord, or Peter Quill.^^
^^Conrad as Rocket, the genetically altered Raccoon.^^
^^I made the tail but decided not to bother making any furry ears as Conrad would just rip them off.^^
^^Playing in Dad's truck bed waiting for the night to get late enough to start Trick-or Treating!^^
^^Annual picture of our fun neighbors, the Youngs.  I mean, the Rebel Alliance!^^
^^The Trick-or-Treating crew minus four other neighbor kids that joined up with us.^^
^^Conrad's very first house on his first Halloween.^^
^^It was a beautiful but cold evening.^^ 
^^Chillin' in the stroller with his lollipop. He's definitely a third child.^^
^^Our friends Brennan and Darren.^^
^^This picture makes me smile.  They all seem to have a proud skip in their step!^^

Can my boys stay little kids forever?  Their enthusiasm for Halloween and Christmas is cute and contagious.  We're beginning another round of the holiday season and my heart is already swelling with joy.

Happy Halloween!!!

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  1. So cute! I love the Guardians of the Galaxy theme! Your neighbors really got into the Halloween spirit, too. I can't believe Conrad is already walking. I can't wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas, too--it's so much fun for the kids.


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