ONE Photo: November

pink rose with rain water droplets

Some professional photographers and I have collaborated on a monthly project to shoot just one picture each month that speaks to our hearts.  I hopped on board because it sounded like something I could stay excited about and not become overwhelmed! 

It rained one night a couple of weeks ago.  As I sent Jed off on the bus that morning, I knew I needed to get out there with my camera.  I took a gaggle of photos of Levi splashing and playing in the puddles in his new rain boots, but it was the roses in the front yard that stole my creative heart.  There is something so clean and beautiful about water droplets clinging to the colors in nature.

Please click on over to Tara's blog post to see her ONE photo!  I'm looking forward to clicking through the blog circle myself.  There is so much talent in this group.  I just know there is going to be some show-stopping imagery.


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