All Jed Wants for Christmas are His Three Front Teeth!

All Jed wants for Christmas are his 3 front teeth!

I'm so proud of this kid.  Just two weeks ago, he was honored as the 2nd grade student of the month at school. Last year was such a struggle, from reading, to social skills, to emotional outbursts that made us all worry.  But this year something just clicked and Jed is on fire.  His emotions have matured and his reading level has soared from an alarming sub first grade level to a 2.4 in just two months!  It is nothing short of amazing.  And such a sweet, sweet blessing.  Jed's successes make me so happy for him!  He has worked so hard to get this far.  It's the best feeling as a mother.

We love you so very much, Jed!!! 

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