Thanksgiving 2017

^^Jed and Levi coloring in their jammies.  Long live slow, cold mornings!^^

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone and I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the people we enjoy it with.  I surprise myself with how much I look forward to our silly traditions!  We do them every year: we gather at the Nelson Dairy, we eat a fantastic dinner, pies line the kitchen countertops for dessert, we play board games in the evening, the ladies shop til we drop on Friday morning, and we all meet for bowling that afternoon.  It's a riot!  This year, however, Mama Nelson changed it up for us girls.  Instead of playing games, we made a Christmas craft after the kids went to bed.  I enjoyed it so much!   

I accidentally made Bron really worried on Thanksgiving day.  I left the house with Conrad and my camera in hand (but not my phone) intending to spend just a few minutes outside.  We wandered down the trail towards the river and suddenly 15 minutes turned into 90!  Ooops!  But with views like this, can you blame me?  Thanksgiving day was sunny and sixty degrees and BEAUTIFUL.  Lesson learned: I'll remember to take my phone with me next time I decide to go for a walk.

^^Rocks for lunch!  I'm only half kidding.^^
^^He's my favorite subject to photograph right now.  Can you tell?^^
^^A silent conversation with the Bovine ladies over lunch.  Yup.  Conrad ate a few mouthfuls of hay and silage too.^
^^The boys playing football in the yard after Thanksgiving dinner.^^
^^Rolly Happy Baby Flint!^^

Grandma surprised all the grandkids with a special Christmas gift this year: The Little Lamb from Bethlehem.  The lamb comes with a book encouraging the kids to be like Jesus and to do acts of service throughout the month of December.  It's pretty soft and special and Jed and Levi already love it.

Now let the Christmas Season officially begin!

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