The February Blizzard

The snow just keeps coming and coming and coming.  It never ends!  In fact, it is snowing right now as I write this.  It's been a looong winter.  And unfortunately, it looks like it won't be over for quite a while yet.  I've lost count of how many snow days the boys have had off from school.  It's been fun to cozy up inside the house, but we're all going stir crazy now.  And that's an understatement for Levi.  To put it bluntly, he's bored and driving me nuts.  Everything he touches turns into a destroyed mess.  From raiding the pantry to jumping off every available surface to playing with everything he shouldn't to stuffing my bra between the couch cushions where I can't find it... I just can't keep up, especially with a baby in one arm and suckling on my boob at the top of every hour.  And Levi won't. stop. talking!  Whew.  Can winter just be over yet?  The big boys did start swimming lessons again and wrestling starts tomorrow.  I'm hoping it will help my four year old direct his energy in a more positive direction and wear him out!  A mother can hope, right?

Anyway, we woke up to a blizzard Thursday morning and no power for nearly 8 hours (that means no water either)!  It got pretty chilly inside.  But school wasn't canceled so I got Jed ready for school by flashlight and onto the bus... until school was released early because of the wind and drifts.  Needless to say, we hunkered down in our jammies reading stories, baking cookies, and playing the boys' new favorite game: checkers.  Shhh, don't tell.  I let them win.

School was canceled again on Friday.  (That means between the Monday holiday and the snow days, Jed was in school a grand total of 2.5 days last week!  Levi attended preschool once.)  On Friday, the sun was shining and all the neighbors were digging themselves out of the drifts.  So that afternoon I loaded the boys into the car and headed into town for Jed's ukulele lesson.  I've never driven on country roads as drifted and rough as they were on Friday!  The snow was piled high on both sides, leaving just a single lane in some places.  I had to plow right through!  I thought for sure we'd get high centered at any moment.  It was like off roading... in an Acadia.  Haha.  But I have to admit, it was kinda fun!  Fortunately, we made it safely.

Oh!  Funny story.  As we were getting ready to leave on Friday afternoon, I put my boots on and felt something over the arch of my left foot.  It felt a bit tight.  So I took it off and reached into my boot expecting some paper or a loose part of the boot.  Instead, I pulled out a giant stink bug (beetle)!!!  I screamed, dropped everything, and jumped into the kitchen.  Yikes!  It gave me the heebeejeebees.  Jed witnessed everything and was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.  Then he saved the day by voluntarily smashing the bug with his own boot.  Whew.  Crisis averted.  Now, the boys check my boots for me before I put them on.  The perks of having boys! 

And did I mention that Bron was out of town through all this?  Again?  Poor guy picks the worst weather to drive in without fail, every single time this winter.
Anyway, here are a few pictures from our blizzard on Thursday.
^^On Friday, Jed and Levi tried sledding down this slope.  Haha.  They just wound up with snow down their necks and coats.^^
^^My smiley sweet baby.  He's getting more coordinated with his hands and actually reaching out to grab things!^^
^^All day, every day: Lincoln Log forts and lots of craziness.  Levi's a fun kid.^^

P.S.  While I was at a much needed hair appointment Saturday morning, Bron took Jed and Levi up into the South Hills to go sledding.  He said the amount of snow was epic!  I missed out, but honestly, I don't feel a tinge of regret.  I'm over the snow.   

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  1. Seriously, so much snow. I think you have had it worse than us, but we've still had plenty of it too. Keira asks constantly when it will be summer again. At least it's staying light a little bit longer everyday!


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