Meeting Great Grandma Smith

Conrad got to meet his Great Grandma for the very first time.  During our weekend trip to Utah we of course made time to visit my grandma, the boys' great grandma!  We met at Sizzler for lunch with my Aunt Mari before heading over to Grandma's home to visit for a while longer.  Conrad and Great Grandma hit it off together.  She couldn't stop saying how "tickled" she was.  Then when our visit was over, she sent us on our way with Valentine's notes and candy. I can't adequately put into words my love and admiration for this woman.  I guess it's her love that simply transcends everything.  I'm a sap and treasure these captured moments so much.  I can't help it.  The last time I had a baby this age I was grabbing pictures with Levi's Great Grandpa in them too!  Time and the people we love are fleeting.  I'm sure grateful to know that families are forever.

^^Old and new.  Love and connection that transcends generations.  The juxtaposition here gives me all the feels.^^

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