The Day After Valentine's

Bron loves me. He loves me despite my crazy and my messy and my curves. I don't deserve his patient love but he gives it freely anyway. Today I was a hot mess. I felt so overwhelmed that all I could do was sob. I just cried. Every corner of the house was dirty and the mommy guilt and self-doubt was eating me alive. (It's true, I have a tendency to turn a mole hill into a mountain. And I honestly simply cannot function when the house is supremely cluttered for days on end.) So tonight Bron brought home dinner with him. He laid the hammer down and got the boys to pick up their toys and clothes. And when the house was put mostly back together, we all sat on the couch to read a little Harry Potter before bed.

Bron is my hero. He's my best friend and my rock. All is right in my little world again because of him. Bron's work day doesn't end at dinner time; his second job begins! I don't know how he does it sometimes but I truly appreciate his efforts. He's a good one and I'm going to keep him forever.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Those husbands sure can make such a huge difference on a difficult day! Bron sounds like a keeper. :)


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