The Baby Conrad Growth Series: 3 Months

Three months old.  We've officially made it through the "4th trimester".  My floppy newborn is gone and in his place is a sturdy and alert baby who sleeps through the night more than half the time.  I started exercising again, dinner is being cooked nearly every night, and even though every surface of the house is cluttered with toys and paper, I feel like I've hit my stride as a mother of three. It's a wonderful feeling!  But time is a thief and my heart actually aches at the thought that three months have already passed by.  These baby days are numbered and I want to enjoy every moment... which is probably why he's napping in the wrap right now where I can hold him and kiss his sweet little head. I love you so much Baby Conrad!

Some details about Conrad at 3 months old:

Conrad is an angel baby!  He fusses only when he's hungry or wants to be held.  He seems to be pretty chill and just happy to be here.  His eyes follow his big brothers around the room; I know he's pinning for the day when he can try to keep up!  He is loved immensely by Jed and Levi.  They kiss him and hug him and comment on how cute Baby Conrad is!

The best time to catch Conrad's smiles and coos is on the changing table.  It seems to be the place for eye contact and chatting!  So if you're willing to do the dirty work, you'll be amply rewarded. 

He has the best gummy smile, complete with dimples!!!  Hint: He's ticklish underneath his chin.

Conrad has the most expressive eyebrows.  He often looks worried or deep in thought.

He has become a habitual fist sucker.  Sometimes he gets a thumb in his mouth, but for the most part he's always sucking on his fists.  It's so funny to listen to!  (And nope, he won't take a pacifier.)  

Conrad has earned the nickname "Grumpy Pants".  He seems to become grumpy in the evening (you know, just when Bron arrives home) and all he wants is to nurse and be held by his mama.

Conrad hangs out on the couch watching movies and shows with us each evening after his big brothers are in bed.  He tanks up his little system by nursing nearly constantly before finally dozing off between 10:00 and 11:00PM.

He is an AMAZING sleeper at night.  Sometimes I'm up twice a night to nurse and comfort the baby, sometimes just once, but there have been plenty of nights Conrad has slept right through til morning.  I can't believe it!  He has slept as many as 9 hours straight, but more typically sleeps about 6-7 hours.  Whoa.  It's allowed me, as his mama, to start exercising at 6:30AM before everyone wakes up.

This sweet baby still struggles with napping very well during the day... unless he's being held or rocked in the swing.  On his own in his crib he'll sleep for about a half hour, but if he's held he'll sleep for a couple of hours.  I don't mind.  I see a day time pattern emerging and I'm just going to roll with it.  I'm not sure I want to give up those nap time cuddles just yet anyway.

Conrad had a cold this month but pushed through like a trooper.  It was so sad to see him struggle to breathe through his nose and cough.  He and I have a love/hate relationship with the rubber bulb snot-sucker now.

He allows me to put him down on the floor to entertain himself underneath his little play gym for quite a while now.  His favorite toy is a green ball that hangs at eye level.

Conrad is my happy spot, my daily joy!


  1. My baby only sleeps for half an hour in the crib, too! I've been trying all sorts of things to get her to extend her naps. It's a nightmare! Haha :)

    As for night sleep, my sister-in-law's theory is that if they've slept through the night once, they can do it always. I tend to agree. Once my baby didn't need the middle of the night feed (I did this around 3.5 months), I let her cry it out for 3 nights in a row -- she cried for 40, 70, and 10 minutes -- and now she sleeps through the night always! If you wanted to try it. Haha sorry for the unsolicited advice, I just think it's great having mine sleep through every single night! :)

  2. That's amazing to me to have such a good sleeper! Kacey still wakes up once a night every few nights. What a blessing to be able to get a good stretch of sleep in! He is just adorable!


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