A Series of Self Portraits and Thoughts

A little while ago I set up my tripod and took a series of self-portraits.  (Please tell me I'm not the only mom who does weird things like this during nap time!)  I froze time with these snapshots.  In essence, I immortalized myself.  And I obviously didn't take myself too seriously either.  Hehe.

It's peculiar, I remember my parents being about the same age I am now.  The memory of them as young parents is still very vivid in my mind.  I remember them as young and thin and energetic.  When I think of my dad, the first picture that pops up from memory is probably one of him with light brown hair wearing his Air Force blues.  I was just a little kid and I worshipped him.  My mom, well, I know she wears a different size dress than she once did, but she's had a version of the same haircut since I can remember so she hasn't changed all that much--just a little. 

Those were happy times, when we were a young family: my dad, mom, brother, sister, and me.  And they're happy times now: this young family I'm a mama of today.  I hope I appreciate what a gift these happy days are.  And someday, I hope you boys--Jed and Levi--remember me and our family and these happy days too.


  1. You are the cutest!! And seriously, I never do anything like this. Mia's nap times are my times to sit on my butt and do NOTHING. HA! Or I'm prepping food, or showering or something that is nearly impossible to do when she is awake. Maybe if I was talented in the photo department I would be up for snapping more pictures of myself. But you are the CUTEST and I hope you do this more often :)

  2. So fun! What a great idea. I especially love the bottom left. Very pretty and sweet!

  3. I love these pics!!! Your boys will ABSOLUTELY remember you guys as fun, adventurous, and happy parents. (How could they not!!!) They are so lucky to be raised in such a fun house full of love! (My parents were older when they had me. In fact, my dad was 40 when I was born. Although I remember his being 'older,' I still loved the fact that he took me on his boat fishing every chance he could get... He's since passed away, but I have tons of pictures of him on his boat. You're right. Pictures do immortalize you!


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