Grand Targhee: A Birthday Recap

Last Friday on the last day of January I turned 29 years old.  Woohoo!!!

^^Some friends came over Friday morning for brunch.  We couldn't keep all that cake to ourselves!  Also, true to life: me all dressed up with no makeup on yet.  Getting dressed goes in phases these days.^^

Now I know 29 isn't considered old--not at all--but I have to admit something: I'm feeling it... just a tad bit.  My mom is probably rolling her eyes right now; I know nothing about age.  But it's a strange thing to feel like I'm still 18 but realize my body just doesn't quite feel that way anymore.  I really don't mind those fine smile lines that are forming around my eyes.  I think they give a person more character.  It's not being able to do a back bend and that achy feeling in my left elbow and hand from carrying Levi and not being able to fall asleep on my right side because I pulled a muscle in my hip when I started exercising again last month... that is what bothers me about getting older!  I guess I have a lot to look forward to, huh? 

Anyway, Bron made my birthday an extra special one.  Thursday and Friday actually turned out to be rough days with the boys.  I call them, "eat your young days".  It's when the boys are whiny and ornery and destructive and I'm counting down every minute until bedtime.  When Bron called Thursday evening to see if we needed anything from the store, I bluntly told him that I've had better days.  So later when Bron waltzed through the door with a loaded carmel apple from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, he was hailed as a hero.  The four of us sat down at the table to share in its yumminess.

"You make this apple, Daddy?" Jed asked. 
"No, it came from the candy store."
"The candy store?"  Jed wore his thoughts on his face: There's a candy store and you've never taken me there?  You've been holding out on me!
It was super funny.

Then Bron went out to the truck and brought in something else: a chocolate ice cream cake.  Wow!

"The carmel apple is because you had a bad day.  The ice cream cake is for your birthday," Bron explained.  For the thousandth time, it's pretty apparent I married the best man out there.  Bron sure knows how to take care of me. 

Then to top off the birthday festivities, Grandma Nelson graciously volunteered to watch our little boys all day while Bron and I went skiing at Grand Targhee!!!

Our day on the mountain was absolute perfection.  It was skiing in the clouds on two feet of powder.  I've never had a ski day like that before!  It was heavenly.  The trees were sooo pretty.  I couldn't get over how beautiful it was.  Everyone we met told us we'd come on the best weekend the resort had seen all season.  So while I may have been one of the least talented skiers out on the slopes that day, we conquered every run on the mountain we possibly could.  I can ski almost anything if I ski it slow enough!  It was an exhilarating, refreshing, and yet relaxing day spent with my favorite man.  We're totally going to make this an annual trip.

Thanks for making my birthday a special one, Bron!  I love you.  I love you so much.

Also, many thanks to everyone who posted pictures and left messages for me that day too.  It's so fun to have my phone ring off the hook and log in to read a long list of your sweet thoughts.  I even received a package in the mail!

Now without further ado, a Grand Targhee Video.  It makes me happy all over again.



  1. What a fun day! I love that movie...It makes me happy for you too! Happy Birthday my friend!

  2. Your eyes look fierce! I turn 27 this month and even I'm feeling old even though 27 is so not old. I'm not even to the age my mom was when she gave birth to me ha

  3. Wow that snow looked perfect! I want to eat it! And Bron is the best! He knows the way to his woman's heart ;)

  4., I cried through that whole video. I have been doing that a lot lately :) But YES it was that awesome. Happy Birthday girl! I am glad it was amazing!

  5. Love love love!! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

  6. Happy Birthday Jessie! What a great time skiing--the scenery is just breathtaking. Ice cream cake and a loaded caramel apple--now that's the secret to a great day! (Yes those minor aches and pains do remind us that we're older, but fortunately, nothing can stop you from feeling young at heart!)

  7. Thanks for sharing. It looks so fun. I remember those days. Maybe some more like them in my future??? Glad you could go.

  8. 'eat your young day' I love it. Happy BIrthday!

  9. Happy birthday!! Wish I looked that good pre makeup, yowza!

  10. Happy Birthday! What an awesome day!


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