18 Months


Things I want to remember about Levi at this tender age:
::  How he wears a perpetual smile.  Levi is my personal dose of sunshine every single day.
::  How a horse says, "Yee Haw!"

::  How his tiny hand grasps just two of my fingers and we walk together. 
::  The way Levi begs, "Rea!  Rea!  Rea!" as he carries around a book.  He wants me to read to him.  So often we sit right down on the cold tile floor in the kitchen, our backs against the cabinets, and read board books.  He loves books!  (And I love that he loves them.)
::  How Levi is a bottomless pit.  The boy can put away his groceries!  He is always hungry.
::  The way he slides his plate across the table towards mine.  It means he wants whatever I'm eating.
::  Ohhhh, the MESSES!  Levi enjoys dumping and throwing and carrying off.  He thinks it's funny when he steals something from my bathroom drawer and I have to chase him down to get it.  What a tease!
::  How much Levi likes his light-up musical crib attachment.  He makes sure to turn it on before snuggling into his blankets both at nap time and bed time. 
::  How he has about four favorite blankets.  They are all super soft.  And somehow, he sleeps with ALL of them too.  When we put him to bed at night, he nestles himself in so that only his happy fat cheeks are showing.  This kid!
::  How he is such a cheese ball!  When I ask him to show me his teeth, Levi scrunches up his nose and eyes and gives me the most ridiculous smile.  He definitely knows how to appease his mama.
::  How Levi knows that repeating "pease" (please) in that tiny sweet voice will pretty much get him whatever he wants.  He also surprises me with new words he says daily.

:: How he counts to three!  His little mind has been focused on numbers lately.
::  His curly hair, chubby cheeks, and short soft legs.  I'll never get enough of that funny little run.  He's so much a toddler, and yet, he's still a baby too. 
Levi pretty much has his mama wrapped around his tiny pinky finger... and he knows it!  My heart swells with love and happiness for this little boy.  He really is my sunshine.
I love you, Levi! 

***Now hold on tight!  We have crossed the threshold into Terrible-TWO territory.  It may get a little crazy around here.***


  1. Oh my word... this kid is seriously TOO adorable. Those little cheeks and feet! I just want to eat him up!

  2. he is so cute.. I love his smile..

  3. Such a little ham! Happy 18 months sweet boy!

  4. New follower here! Love your blog, I too am a photographer and love your work!


  5. Are you serious? I am dying over here over how cute these photos are! I love that big cheesy smile at the end of your post. Oh my goodness this makes me want a little boy of my own so badly! My baby girl just hit 14 months and I feel like she's already in the "terrible twos" at times. But aren't they so fun? I love watching her little personality evolve and reveal itself! :)

  6. What a cheese ball! He seriously is the happiest kid

  7. Levi is just the cutest!! My son still has to sleep with his four (now five) blankies--yes, he keeps adding to his collection. Levi truly is a ray of sunshine--just like his mommy!


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