Of Pumpkins and Potatoes

We love it when Bron is home.  We enjoyed some classic fall time fun this weekend!  Our little family hit up the pumpkin patch on Saturday afternoon.  Jed had fun running through the little straw maze; it was just his height!  Then we picked out our pumpkins.  I am in love with Fall, so Bron let me choose.  I chose three of the biggest and most beautiful pumpkins I could find to flank our doorstep on All Hallows Eve.  Two weigh over 30lbs.  I can't wait for Halloween!

It's also spud harvest.  Truck load after truck load of potatoes were lining up outside our neighbor's cellar to be stored for the winter so we took a little family walk over there to watch the show.  I took a peek into the cellar.  It was incredible to see that many potatoes piled so high!  I love that kind of stuff.  Then our neighbor Mr. Higley pointed out some piles of dirt off to the side and told me to look closely.  There, among the dirt piles, were giant potatoes!  They looked like rocks.  These potatoes were the rejects: perfectly good potatoes but funny shaped and therefore unfit for market.  Many of them were over 8 inches long and begging to be baked.  I had Jed help me glean some.  Poor kid had a tough time telling the difference between a dirt clod and a potato!  Some folks invited us to just take some spuds straight off the conveyer, but I declined; these reject spuds would be just as tasty.  We went home, scrubbed the potatoes, rubbed them with oil and salt, and stuck them in the oven.  Then we had the Raiger family over for a delicious funny shaped baked potato dinner.

It was a really great Saturday.  

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