Family Pictures in 10 minutes

Levi is now ten weeks old and I realized that we didn't have a single picture of all four of us together as a family.  So when Bron arrived home from work at a decent hour, I informed him of what we would be doing that night.  But first, he said he had to go for a run.  We went as a family.  Bron pushed Levi in the stroller and I rode my bike with Jed in the seat on the back.  We were slow.  We hurried to get ready when we arrived back home--Bron showered, makeup on me, the boys dressed, Levi fed--but we missed all the good light!  No matter.  I was still going to get my pictures; they are that important to me.  So we posed in front of a neighbor's pretty tree and asked a friend to snap a few shots.  Voila!  Family pictures.  There are so many things wrong with these, but they will do for now and make me happy even if Jed didn't feel like cooperating much.  My plan is to spend some actual time getting some great shots next year when the baby is no longer a little plop.  So until then... these are our family pictures.

 Candid shot

 We laughed because this isn't our dog!  And she posed just like she belonged there.

My boys.  I love them so very much.


  1. They turned out great! I love the tree!

  2. I love these! They look amazing seriously! ;)

  3. They still turned out cute regardless of the circumstances and the dog fits right in, you should adopt him!

    1. We practically have. Our two dogs spend most of their waking time together. haha

  4. Beautiful photos, and i LOVE your boots!!! =)

  5. These turned out great! You can't ask for a better backdrop than those brilliant fall leaves!

  6. Bahaha that picture with the dog is funny. He was all ready to pose and be a part of the family! You all look great!


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