Hi Levi! {Two Months}

This baby of mine is quite a momma's boy at the moment and I am very proud of it.  He prefers me over anyone else.  Of course, I am his sole source of comfort and provider of every meal.  As soon as I enter the room the tone of his cries suddenly change into something more urgent and hopeful.  I love picking up his tiny body, kissing his soft round cheeks, and snuggling him.  My favorite cuddling moments happen when he falls asleep on my chest.  Sometimes I lay down in the early hours of the morning and sleep too--with a warm precious little weight on my chest and sweet baby smell.  Levi really is a sweet baby boy. He is happiest in the mornings.  That's when he is most likely to show off his adorable eye-scrunching grin and heart-melting coos; in the morning or on the changing table.  He is completely content throughout the day and can entertain himself for fifteen minutes or so on the floor.  I am so glad because this gives me a chance to get something done... or play one on one with Levi's big brother.  Someday I imagine I'll be rough housing with both boys at the same time.  Won't that be a riot?  But for now, Levi is a sweet innocent little plop that I get to dress and bathe and feed and cuddle as my real life doll.  I am loving having a baby all over again and I am completely in love with him.

On another note, and I'm afraid to say this out loud for fear of jinxing it, but Levi has been sleeping through the night!  Yes, literally through the night.  Levi is often a lot of work to put down, but once he is down and out in his own crib, he doesn't wake to eat until around 4:00AM.  And then he sleeps for another three hours.  Wow!  How did I get so lucky?  Sleep feels so good!

P.S.  I can now squeeeze into some of my old skinny clothes!  Nursing and running are beginning to look good on me.  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!


  1. Lucky girl! Sleeping through the night already. That's got to feel good!

  2. Sleeping through the night!! WOWZERS!! How awesome is that?! Can't wait until we reach that point...7 straight hours of sleep sounds does 4 hours at this point ;)

  3. I have missed a lot on you blog. So sorry about that. Levi is adorable! What you were saying about him ALMOST made me want to have another one right now. :) I love caramel apples. I am sad that mine are all gone. I think I need to make more. -And yes your apples do look pretty good.


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