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This week I've been feeling a bit nostalgic.  With just three weeks left until baby boy arrives, life as I know it is about to end.  It's about to end for Jed too.  Both of our lives are going to be thrown upside down for a while, but in a good way.  So my little sidekick and I have been trying to do something fun every day, just the two of us.  Summer really is the best time of year!

 Sippin' a slurpee is serious business!

::  We played at the park one afternoon.  It made Jed's cheeks so red I thought he deserved his first slurpee!

::  We played outside in the sprinklers.  (Of course!)  I love relaxing in a chair in the shade of a tree in our backyard and watching Jed play... or reading a book.  There's nothing more relaxing.

 Getting warm post Dierkes swim

::  We spent a morning at Dierkes Lake.  Jed is a little fish!

::  We skipped nap time and played at the local hot spring pool: Nat Soo Pah.  Water wings on a two year old rock.  Jed's favorite part of our afternoon there was the giant slide.  My friend, Amy, was kind enough to take him down three times for me!  The happiness on Jed's face as he splashed into the pool was priceless.

After a beautiful morning at the lake, I thought, "Wow, I am so lucky to be a mom all day!"  One of the best parts about being a mother is reliving childhood through my children.  I want to make some awesome summer childhood memories with them.  This is just the beginning too!  Next summer, I will have a three year old and a baby on the brink of walking.  I don't plan on being pregnant.  It's going to be busy and fun and it's going to rock!

P.S.  I'm really missing my camera!  So my phone will just have to do for now.  And no, it's not a fancy smart phone.  *Sigh*


  1. You're getting so close to having your baby! You and Jed seem to have so much fun. Hopefully when I'm pregnant with another one, I'll be able to have as much energy as you seem to. And, thanks for all your nice comments on my blog. I always appreciate them. :)

  2. That brings back so many memories of that summer I had with Luke before Grady was born. :) I forgot to tell you, that on that shopping trip, it was mostly sales, but I did have a coupon for $20 off from using my Old Navy Card that helped a lot.

  3. Nothing like spending some fun time with your first before number two arrives.


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