Saturday was a Very Good Day

Actually, we've been having several busy but fun Saturdays this summer!

I snuck out of the house early on Saturday June 30th to go cherry picking at an orchard down in the Snake River Canyon with my friend, Kristin, and her family.  It was a gorgeous spot.  Plus, fresh fruit just makes us both a bit giddy.  And there was so much of it!  We went home with over 10lbs of cherries each.

What does one do with that many cherries, you ask?  Eat them fresh and dry the rest to be dipped in chocolate and eaten with walnut pieces later.  Scrumptious!

Then that afternoon, Bron's brother, Tyrel, and his family came to visit.  He has seven little children.  My house saw more wear and tear in one day than it does in an entire month!  (I'll spare you the details.)  It was loud and crazy and busy and actually kind of fun, especially for Jed.  If Jed could speak in sentences, he'd probably still be talking about the afternoon his cousins came to visit!  We had a barbeque cookout--complete with fresh fruit like watermelon and cherries, of course--and let the kids run wild in the backyard through the sprinklers.  It was a really good day.

 Are you seeing a recurring pattern here?  We heart our sprinkler system this summer!

The Ririe High School Class of 2002 chose last weekend to celebrate their ten year reunion.  Can you believe Bron has been out of high school that long?  Just kidding.  The festivities began with a casual adult dinner at the Pizza Pie Cafe (formerly Craigo's; one of my favorite places to eat on earth) on Friday night.

I felt surprisingly comfortable.  I know or recognized about half of the folks in the room!  Bron still keeps in touch with his buddies from high school and we (the guys and their wives) like to hang out whenever we get the chance.  I also attended the Ririe Singles Branch at church while Bron and I were dating.  And then after we were married, we lived in Ririe for two years.  It's a small friendly community and therefore easy to get to know folks.  So Bron's reunion was fun for me too!   

Then on Saturday afternoon, everyone gathered again with their kids in tow for a barbeque.  It was a blast!  There was an abundance of delicious food for everyone.  We chatted in the shade while the kids swarmed the blowup slide and pool.  Then we played water balloon volleyball and the kids finished off the party by beating two pinatas to smithereens.  Jed had the time of his life!  Bron and I left Ririe that evening feeling that life is really good.

 Calvin and Jed making a toast to the warm day

 Tyson and Brooklyn
Brett and William

Angie and her baby

 The Rhodes Family

 Bron the grill master
Bron's gourmet burger

 The slide scared Jed, but he just kept going back for more!

 Calvin the fearless two year old
Dakoda loving the spray

 Water Balloon Volleyball!

 Jed using the wrong end of the bat to whack the pinata.  Silly kid.

Mmmm... candy!


  1. Wow! That looks like it was a very fun day! I love days like that.

  2. Looks like tons of fun! And I want those cherries!

  3. Where was Sam at this class reunion? He never said anything about it! Looks like you are having an awesome summer-can I come hang out with you? =)


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