My Two Year Old

I finally took my little man out to take his two year old pictures.  Everything was perfect: a happy well-dressed toddler, perfect sunny weather, and an old white barn next to a golden field for a backdrop.  Unfortunately, my camera was having some technical difficulties focusing!  It was so frustrating.  Come to find out, the mechanism that drives the autofocus is broken.  Bummer.  So now my camera has been sent off to be fixed.  (I just hope it comes back before baby boy makes his debut!)  These are the best shots I got from the night.  Good thing we can always go out and try again some other time!

By the way, Jed's smile makes my heart melt.  I love this boy to pieces.  Two is such a fun age!  The funny things he says and does all day long completely outweigh any "terrible" that comes with being two.  Sometimes I look at him and can't believe that he is getting so big.  He needs to stop growing so fast! 

With this second baby nearly here, I am feeling more nostalgic about Jed growing up.  I look at his baby pictures and ask myself if I really remember what he was like?  These last two years have been a blissful blur.  Jed still fits under my arm to snuggle and likes to sit on my lap for a hug, but someday he'll be too big to curl up on my lap, and worse, he won't want to!  It makes me sad to think about.  Time goes too fast.  But for now, Jed is our little man.  He's our miniature entertainer and can be so sweet.  I think he'll be a great big brother.


Some funny things I want to remember:

Me: "Jed, how old are you?"
Jed: "Two!"
Me: "How old is Elmo?"
Jed: "Two!"
Me: "How old is Mommy?"
Jed: "Two!"
Hmmm... I like two!

As Bron left for work one morning, Jed heard the truck's engine start.
Jed said, "Brmmm... brmmm!  Bye!"

Jed LOVES to read.  One of my favorite parts of the day are reading to him.  His eyes light up and he sometimes interacts by pointing and making animal sounds.  His favorite books are the Richard Scarry books our friend, Anna, gave him.  He reads them for {literally} hours in the car.  It's so much fun to hear his interpretation of the pictures.  What an innocent little mind.  He goes on in gibberish about how the "moo!" (cows) live in the "barr" (barn).  Also, "Ding, ding, ding!" goes the train bell.  He makes us bust up laughing with pride.


  1. I just want to squeeze him!!! He's got the cutest little smile. And what a great poser! How did you get him to do that?

  2. your pictures turned out great! Next time im in Idaho I need to swing down and have you take my familys pictures!

  3. you are a wonderful photographer for a 2 year old jess! :D

  4. Nothing better than getting great pics of your adorable boy and soon to be boys! Can't wait for more picture goodness! Cross our fingers that the camera arrives safe and sound with time to spare!

  5. Love the pictures!!! Great shirt too!!!


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