Meridian, Idaho

Because I just couldn't stand the thought of flying back to New York so soon, I decided to stay an extra week with my mom in Meridian.  My sister, who I hadn't really seen in over a year and a half, was staying for a couple of days too.  Bron flew back to NY without me because he had to work.  I missed him dearly and I felt so selfish, but between my mom, sister, and me, we got in some much needed girl time together!

Each day we sent the boys off to school and picked a different place to go shopping.  I found some maternity clothes and the baby got spoiled with the most adorable new clothes too!  We cooked some of our favorite meals, took the boys ice skating, and laughed.  A lot of laughter.  I love hanging out with my sister.  We have a lot of fun together, making goofy faces and even faux tattooing our bellies!  (I'll spare you those pictures.)  My mom and I even got to watch a chick flick together.

Ice Skating
(I know, I'm a loser and cut off the skates!)

Five year olds are still really cute.
"Does baby Jed like popcorn?  What if he's seventy feet big?"
Saying goodbye at the airport, Ryan had to hug my tummy too.

Eight year olds are full of attitude.
This kid is obsessed with football.  Why in the world he was rooting for TCU against Boise State during the bowl game, we'll never know.

'Nuff Said

My Mom and Me
She limped along with a metal boot the entire time, but she's healing nicely.  She's one tough lady.

We love you all!!!  Thanks to everyone who made our trip out West so memorable.  We miss you and can't wait to see you this summer.

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