When you're pregnant, everyone seems to think that your well-being is their personal business.  While I appreciate the concern, really, it's not necessary.

During the past few weeks all I've heard are protests--especially from men--about my wearing high heeled shoes at church.  I thought, "Just because you can't walk in them doesn't mean I can't!"

I have nine pairs of heels.  I'm not about to let them go to waste!  I enjoy dolling up occassionally.  Anyhow, I can't wear flip-flops because I already discourage my young women from wearing them to church.  Plus, there's snow and ice everywhere outside.  Maybe towards the end of my pregnancy I'll walk the halls barefoot, but I'll definitely have my heels in hand.  I just simply don't plan on attending church without them.

So, I want to know from all you experienced mothers out there: What did you wear when you were pregnant?      


  1. Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. I never had problems with swelling in my feet or anything and I still wore all my shoes. The only problem with heals is at the end you can be a little off balance.. but other then that keep wearing them!

  2. Jessie, I think you need a super cute pair of boots for those snowy church days! (Me too! - miuns the snow part) When I was pregnant and worked at a preschool everyone flipped out on me when I started doing jumping jacks with the kids! Oh well, just do what you want to!

  3. heels! do whatever you want. being pregnant isn't going to kill you, even if everyone tells you it will. church is only three hours and you spend most of the time sitting anyway.

  4. i've never been prego, but when i first tore my acl and then recently when i had surgery for it, i've worn cute flats to church. flats or boots are cute and warm with leggings... that's been my favorite for church! (i actually wear my nicer/cleaner cowboy boots to church with leggings all the time!)

  5. I still where heels! And we walk to church! I just hold onto woody's arm so I don't slip on the ice but once i'm inside its smooth sailing! Plus I think they help because it elevetes my legs while sitting in those benches!


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