Ririe, Idaho

Bron and I took a shuttle from Salt Lake and arrived in our beloved Ririe, Idaho around midnight.  Mom was there to meet us, having no idea that we were expecting a baby.  When we finally broke the news--about five minutes later--and I unzipped my jacket to show off my protruding tummy, all hysterics broke loose.  She screamed in excitement and a lot of people looked our way.  It was so much fun to see her reaction in person!

Bron and I spent three more days hanging out with the Nelsons on the dairy farm.  Everyone was there.  We even managed to get together at "the usual" one afternoon for lunch with the guys. It was so good to see them! It felt like nothing had changed. We also saw the new movie, Sherlock Holmes, with the family. Then we ate at one of my all time favorite places: New Fongs in Rexburg. I'd been craving that fried rice!  Bron has a new favorite game now too.  It's called Ticket to Ride.  We played it at least three times.

Although the snow came a little late for Christmas, it was jaw-dropping gorgeous!  It snowed inches.  So we played in it!

My nephew, Tannon, looking out the window.

The humungous snow man the boys made!

Kaleb pulling my nephew, Micah, on skis.

And this is how we plow the snow.  Yes, the gehl is pretty sweet.

Bron was able to explain why I love the farm so much: Farming is a lifestyle.  Almost every other job is a means to create the lifestyle you choose.  A farm is synonymous with work, but it's beautiful.  No wonder I'm attracted to those manly farming arms of my hubby!  For more about the dairy, click here.

Bron with my favorite dog, Sandy.

We also celebrated birthdays and ate a lot of food.

Amber and Kaleb

People sometimes ask if I like my in-laws.  I have to admit: I totally lucked out!  I love mine.  They've truly become my family, or maybe better said, I feel like I've become one of them.  There's nothing quite like family.  We had a fantastic stay and miss you all already!

Bron with his mom


  1. Sorry I can't comment on all of your new posts I'm headed to class soon, but it's fun to hear about all the things you were able to do while you were here. I love spending time with family and each time your away it seems you realize how much you truly do love them.

  2. By the way, I've been working on scrap booking Talon and I's wedding pictures in the big wedding scrap book you gave us, and I'm almost done. Maybe I'll post some on my blog so you can see how it turned out. Thanks for it again.


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