Sun, Sea, and San Diego

San Diego is my hometown. The ocean is my home.

I now live in the opposite corner of the United States to where I grew up. Funny though, it doesn't feel like it. Bron and I boarded a plane in Burlington, VT Thursday afternoon. By late evening we were in San Diego chatting and laughing on the boat with my dad, my brother Joe, (who just arrived home from his 3rd tour of the world with the Navy), and my dad's girlfriend, Rebbecca. She's cute and lively and takes great care of my dad. It was an awesome week!

Friday, Day 1:

Like a band of pirates, we headed out to the Coronado Islands just off the coast of Mexico. Joe brought two friends to help spice up our party: Jason and Aleia. The islands' shores and waters are saturated with seals. We snorkeled and Bron really enjoyed the snuba, diving down twenty feet or so and exploring the ocean bottom. He found a giant starfish! He also learned a little bit about captaining the boat. And Joe and Jason broke the law by actually climbing onto the island and doing a muscle dance for us.

Saturday, Day 2:

Dad's boat neighbors and friends, Kent and Kim, have gotten my dad into a new hobby: Deep Sea Fishing. So we all headed out to sea Saturday morning. We all struggled with a little sea-sickness; some worse than others. But we made it through! Unfortunately, no one caught a thing. However, we did see seals, dolphins, and a pair of giant gray whales! Incredible.

That night we all sat around one of our favorite board games: Risk. And guess who won? Oh, wait, that's not a guess at all! Joe won. Or at least we knew he would after he had taken over most of the continents and nobody wanted to play anymore. haha

Sunday, Day 3:

Sunday afternoon was spent in Balboa Park at the Air and Space Museum. The museum had a special presentation there featuring Leonardo DaVinci. Many of his ideas and sketches were brought to life. It's amazing how often we use those same ideas and technologies today. And then, of course, there were the airplanes and a little family history. Both my dad and brother are named for famous pilots. But better yet, my grandpa flew the Spitfire during the Korean War.

Monday, Day 4:

When visiting San Diego, it is almost imperative that we do something touristy. I had my mind set on going to Sea World. It was a blast, just my hubby, brother and me. We hit up all the major shows (yes, we saw Shamu), rode a few rides, and toured through all of our favorite exhibits. My favorite part of the day was the dolphin show. Those animals are so incredibly cool! It blows my mind how well trained they are.

Tuesday, Day 5:

Relaxing. Bron and I kayaked in the morning. And then we bought boogie boards with which to hit up Mission Beach! It was Bron's first time ever boogie boarding. He did pretty well. I just love the waves and the feel of the sun, the salt, and the sand. Ahhh... I love the beach.

(P.S. Bron will call me a wuss if you ask. I got cold in the water after an hour!)

We also brought home some chocolate cake and icecream to celebrate my dad's birthday! Wahoo! Happy Birthday, Dad!

Wednesday, Day 6:

My friend from high school, Nathalie, met me at the beach. It was so good to see her, to talk, and to catch up! She's a great friend that I'm lucky to have. She also has a good husband, three beautiful girls (and I'm not just saying that), and a little boy on the way. Wow! I'm so happy for her.

Bron and I spent the rest of the afternoon boogie boarding at the beach again. We ate seafood for dinner with my brother. Simple things are the best things.


It was a wonderful vacation! I love seeing my family. Bron definitely deserved some time away from work. It now feels good to be "home" in my own bed. All of a sudden things in New York seem familiar. It's just my honey and me again. And I'm happy.

Thanks, Dad, for a memorable and relaxing week!


  1. looks like a super fun vacation! i love those kind ;) we went to san diego for our honeymoon so now i'm familiar with a few of the places you mentioned, like mission beach... i've never been boogie boarding, but now i want to learn!

  2. I want to cry! Going to Dad's is my favorite trip every summer. I miss being together and laughing our heads off. It sounds like you guys had a blast and Dad's girlfriend looks pretty darn cute! That's so awesome that you guys saw some whales too!! I'm so jealous and sad we couldn't go!
    ps: your tan looks sexy and I LOVE your swim suit!

  3. I so wish I could have made it to San Diego while you were there! But we'll just have to come to New York next summer :)

  4. I hope you don't mind me coming here to answer your question, I just thought it would be more likely for you to see it here.

    Actually, it looks like you've figured out the collage thing--they look great! But in case you're still wondering, I just use picasa. If you google it, it'll come up (I think you want Picasa 3), and then you can download the app and use it.

    Good luck! :)

  5. It looks like you had so much fun!! I wish I lived somewhere near a beach that I could just chill and relax on!


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