Fort Ticonderoga

Bron loves history. Good thing we live in an area with so much of it to explore!

Last Saturday Bron and I went on a scenic drive to Fort Ticonderoga. The fort was originally built around 1750 by the French during the French-Indian war. It was also used during the Revolutionary War. It changed hands several times and part of it was finally blown up when the British left it behind after the Revolution.

It was a pretty sweet fort! It's been rebuilt and well maintained. Each of the buildings contains real artifacts from the time period, some even recovered from the site itself. There are actors there dressed up in time period clothing. They played drums and piccolos and marched. We took a brief tour and listened to some stories. We even got to experience a real cannon explosion! It was only a two inch barrel, but it made me jump and I felt the reverberation in my chest. I'm glad I wasn't around when the bigger cannons and mortars were fired!

Entrance to Fort Ticonderoga

Outside the Second Story

Lots of Cannons Overlooking Lake Champlain

Bron Trying Out Their Old Rifle
It was heavy!

GIANT Mortar! Run!

Ye Ole Band Playing Inside the Fort

Outside The King's Garden

There's an old home outside the fort right on the lake. The old garden is quite extravagant. It was fun to see!

Remnants of the old battle field. The French cut down every tree to a stump and made a seven foot wall. Then they created a barbed wire effect with sharpened tree limbs just outside the wall. The British had no protection and were basically obliterated. Bummer.

Champ the mysterious sea monster lives here! Maybe we'll get a glimpse of him too if we're lucky!

It was a great Saturday out. Definitely worth doing again sometime. We love our mini-adventures and all the memories we're making.


  1. The area looks amazing... I love the outdoors (well most of the time). You're adventures are awesome.

  2. how fun! have some good sight-seeing adventures for us. The girls make it a bit difficult!

  3. Sea monster EH? haha Looks like fun and very pretty!

  4. Hey i know my sister-in-law sara does it! you can go to her blog if you just go beneath where is says "seezters" haha and click on her name. She is very friendly and nice too I am sure she would love to help!

  5. Wow! Those pictures look like they could be from Europe. It's neat that you guys are really taking advantage of your new location.

  6. Jessie-
    Scrapbooking or scrap-blogging? I know a lot of people that just get their blogs printed into a book form. I'm not sure what the best place is for that, but I could ask around. If you mean digital scrapbooking, (just like traditional, but all on the computer) I do a lot of that and I could probably help you. I use Adobe Photoshop (but a lot of people use Photoshop Elements, too, and it's only like $65 on Amazon, and I get all my free kits, layouts, etc. online. I have a bunch of links to places I get freebies on My e-mail is sarakerrigan( @)gmail(.com)


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