Soaking Up Summer

Life is good.

There's a nutrition conference going on all week here at Miner. At least fifty people have come from all over the country; it's busy. Bron has been enjoying a change of pace at work and meeting new people. Last night the group went out to dinner. I wasn't invited, but neither was Anna. So we did our own thing without them.

The summer heat has finally caught up to us here. It's hot, humid, and not a breath of air stirs the branches in the trees. It's a dead, oppressive, heat. And we have no air conditioning.

Anna and I put on our swimming suits and headed out to the beach on Lake Champlain. The water was cool and felt so refreshing! We swam and talked and swam and talked as the sun slowly set, turning the sky pink. When we finally got out, the air was still warm, but felt great on our wet skin and hair. We finished the evening with icecream cones at Creamies just outside of Chazy. It has such an awesome small town feel! What a perfect summer evening.

These are the moments I must remember come February.


  1. Jessie, It's great to hear from you! We are out here for Michael's dermatology residency. Where do you live in New York. (Maybe we're neighbors and we don't even know it -- oh wait, I think you'd notice 5 little boys running all over the place at the house next door).

  2. How could I forget who you are! Of course I remember. You made a beautiful bride. That main picture is amazing. I am glad you found me I love looking at other peoples blogs. I will definitely have to peek in on yours every so often.


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