A New England Summer Weekend

Friday night Bron and I drove up to Montreal to visit the temple. After our session, we headed into Old Montreal. I love the atmosphere there! The square is full of people, live music, street entertainers, and at least a dozen caricature artists. Bron and I grabbed some Greek food for dinner and then ate some gillato ice cream as we strolled down the boardwalk. It was a perfect evening! I wasn't ready to come home.

Saturday was sunny, but windy. So that afternoon after Bron finished work, we headed out to the lake. We found a secluded spot and sat our rear ends in the water on some big flat rocks. And then I squealed and screamed as the waves came crashing in and soaked us. It was so much fun!

That evening, our sweet friend Anna invited us to go to a little county fair in Vermont. It sounded great! I love walking around, taking in the sights and smells, browsing through the boutiques, petting the animals, checking out all the agricultural machinery, and best of all, eating fair food! Anna explained to us the metal machines that produce maple syrup. I can't wait to see one in action this spring!

There were classic old tractors.... and humongous new machinery.

Anna checking out the feeder.

Plenty of my favorite animals: Cows!

We chatted with a friend there, Katie, from Miner and her boys who are doing 4H.

Isn't she sweet? (The cow, I mean)

My Honey and Me

And of course, the Tractor Pull
This guy is a fan of cows too!

We stayed well after midnight to see the end of the tractor pull. It was a great night! What a busy, but awesome weekend!


  1. I miss tractor pulls!! Back in NY my family and I would go to 3-4 different ones a year!! Do they even have any out in Idaho?

  2. Hey Jessie,
    I hope you are doing well. I love reading your little blogs. I am so sorry to ask you about work, but I was curious- is there somewhere that you have a deceased pile. People keep telling me there is one, but I cant seem to find any location for this.
    Thanks for your help.


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