Levi's Newborn Photos

Levi is now two weeks old and growing right before my eyes!  He's already changed since when these pictures were taken at four and six days old and I think he is now even more handsome!  (Note: I may be a bit biased.)  Sometimes I try to imagine what he will look like in a few months or years and I can't.  I'm just glad I'm his momma and I get to cheer at his milestones--big and little--as he grows because this folks, is pure joy.  I am completely smitten.

Presenting our little bundle of joy!  (And a picture overload.  I just couldn't choose!)

 My absolute favorite.  Look at those chubby wrinkles! This will be framed.

 I'm partial to this one too.  Precious.

 Little hands.

 I have a thing for feet, especially tiny ones!

 I love it when he's awake.  There's just something about  those eyes.

 An uncontrollable gassy smile.

 A yawn.

 Zoolander!  This one made me laugh.

My sleeping handsome stud.

My friend, Cassie, also came over with her camera and lenses to play with Levi.  We had so much fun taking more photos!  These next pictures are what she did.

Tell me.  What's your favorite?


  1. I saw your pictures on your photography blog a few days ago and loved them! Keep posting pictures of cute little Levi... its helping me to get my baby fix without actually having to have a baby!

  2. Levi is adorable, as well as the pictures that you took of him. :) I should hire you to take pictures of our next baby...whenever that is. :)

  3. He's so precious!!! A just wanna eat him up!! ;)

  4. He is darling. Great job on the pictures! I am very impressed because newborns are sooooo hard.

  5. so sweet and squishy! I love the second one!

  6. These are precious! He's such a cutie.

  7. Can't wait to squeeze the little chub!


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