Exciting News: Part II

It's HAPPENING!  We got an accepted offer and just signed papers to buy five acres of land.  We're going to build our dream home!!!  And add a few trees and animals to the property too.

It's all been a whirlwind.  I went out with Bron one Sunday afternoon to see this large triangle shaped piece of property and its beautiful views from atop a hill.  I wasn't expecting to even like the property, but it was love at first sight.  You know, one of those things that just feels good.

The property is in an oversized neighborhood just a few miles South of our current home.  In fact, we know most of the neighbors.  Nothing significant will change for the boys.  They will still be in the same ward at church and go to the same school; just ride a different bus.  So they're all in on the move!

I know for a fact that a new home will not make me any happier; I'm already happy and content with where we are now.  But selfishly, the idea of more space for the kids and more organization and a home that is designed with things I love, really appeals!  More importantly however, the boys will have opportunities to raise their own 4-H animals.  (I might throw an alpaca in there because they're fuzzy and cute.)  They will learn the value of responsibility and physical labor by digging fence post holes, changing water lines in the pasture, and feeding their animals.  They will also inevitably spend their summer days playing in the creek in the canyon with the other neighborhood kids.  All these factors combined are what really appeal!

Bron and I have been up late after the kids are in bed planning the new house.  There are going to be so many choices to make!  It's frankly overwhelming.  And if you know me very well, then you know that me and lots of options are a paralyzing combination.  I mean, that's what makes In-N-Out so great, right?  Choose between a chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla milkshake.  Boom.  Decision made.  Anyway, the good news is Bron and I at least agree on a style and direction.  So if you have any suggestions from flooring to windows to what you love about your home to what you can't stand, I'm all ears!

We plan to get started building as soon as possible and then put our current house on the market a few months before our new one is supposed to be finished.  Hopefully we won't have to move twice!

Go ahead and tell us we're nuts and that we're crazy.  We know.  We're expecting a baby and building a house all in the same year!  This is definitely not how I saw things shaking out when we began the school year in September.  Haha.  Funny how life can take an unexpected turn or two or three.  We've just created our own beast.  This is probably one of the scariest (We were just a couple years out from being completely mortgage free!) and most exciting decisions we've ever made.  But the numbers still add up (if I can keep my new house within budget) and the decision still feels right.  Plus, we said that if the land was problematic to acquire, it probably wasn't meant to be.  Instead, it all fell together seamlessly.

So here we go!  We're moving towards a dream for our family.  Please wish us all the luck in the world.  We're going to need it.

 ^^Conrad belly laughing as he sprayed himself in the face!  Then he exlaimed in his best Donald Duck voice, "Hey!  What's the big idea?" and laughed some more.^^

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  1. WOO HOOO! You are literally living out our absolute dream! We search weekly for properties around us with acreage and nothing is ever affordable or a good fit, so this is huge for you guys. I love our current house, but if I were to build a new one, I would definitely make sure to pay attention to the entryway (a mudroom would be ideal, and something way more open than what our front door layout currently is, which is very awkwardly small), and since we entertain, I wish we had a better place to put a big dining table (so perhaps a separate dining room or an open concept layout). I also had a cousin tell me when we were looking at houses to make sure that there are plenty of electrical outlets in every room---it's a detail you often overlook initially, but not once you buy the house. Best of luck to you in this next grand adventure! I'm super excited for you guys.


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