Happy 3rd Birthday, Conrad! {A Video}

I can't believe the day is here.  Our littlest man turned three years old!  He has been SUCH a sunshine and delight in our family.  Conrad is a big personality wrapped up in a little body.  He makes us smile and laugh (and pull out our hair too) all day long.  Have I ever mentioned that he's high energy, super independent, and loves to run away from me?  That last part causes me so much stress from time to time, but still,  I just can't get enough of him.  And he knows it too.  Conrad can get whatever his little heart desires, including a donut with "sprinklers" from the grocery store, every time.

This year, I wanted to capture Conrad at this cute stage in the way only video can.  I wanted to make sure I captured how he's obsessed with all things that "go round and round".  I wanted to document his "Uh-uh" jump (I have no idea where that came from, but it's important to him.) and his imaginary birdie that hatches and comes to play with us daily.  The sweet little yellow bird lives on either my shoulder or his until it ultimately flies off or dies.  (Is that not a boy thing, or what?!)  Most of all though, I wanted to capture his voice.  Conrad never stops talking and he is such a tease!  I will miss that little voice as he inevitably matures.  There's just something extra cute and special about this innocent toddler stage.

Don't grow up too fast, Conrad!  I kind of want to bottle you up just the way you are now, forever.  But I know there is so much more fun ahead.  Happy 3rd Birthday!!!  We love you so very much.  

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