Ten. More. Days.

Dear Boys,

I am counting down the days til school starts with decidedly more excited anticipation than you are.  I never ever thought I'd utter those words, but here they are plain as day in black and white: I can't wait for you to go back to school!

Perhaps it's this awful sore throat, cough, and fever sickness I've been dealing with for over a week that's talking, but I can't be 100% sure.

You see, I'm ready for my house to stay somewhat clean for longer than five minutes.

There are Nerf bullets on every surface, sand in the crevices of the couch, trash and clutter piled up in your room, and sticky spills all over the kitchen floor.

I'm ready for a break from my job as referee.

I help fill part of our days together with fun outings, but you're frankly bored of each other. Oh, the screaming and the pestering!

I'm your mother.  I love you fiercely, boys.  But you're driving me crazy.

I'll probably be wishing it was summer again when that first school project comes home and we can't make some spontaneous trip to the pool, but for now, I've never been more ready for school to start.

Ten more days.

Until then, Hulu is your babysitter.


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